Tuition and Aid

Tuition and Need-based Financial Aid

The Law School acts as a financial aid liaison to the University Office of Student Financial Services for prospective and current students. While the Law School assists you with the process of obtaining need-based financial aid and administers merit-based scholarships, the University Office of Student Financial Services is responsible for creating financial aid packages and assisting students with financial planning and debt management.


Tuition for students enrolled at St. John's University School of Law for the 2014-2015 academic year is $51,490 for the full-time program and $38,630 for the part-time program.

The Cost of Attendance is a separate figure that represents the total cost of attending school and includes tuition, books and supplies, housing and food, transportation, miscellaneous and personal living expenses, and federal student loan fees.

Applying for Need-based Financial Aid

St. John's University School of Law encourages all applicants and current students who need financial assistance for law school to apply for need-based financial aid. There are two types of need-based financial aid for St. John's law students: Federal Unsubsidized Loans (up to $20,500) and Graduate PLUS Loans (available up to the Cost of Attendance of law school, minus your eligibility for Federal Unsubsidized Loans). Your financial aid package will consist entirely of these two types of loans, unless you have also received a merit-based scholarship.  You will find more detailed information in this Financial Aid Process document and this Financial Aid Newsletter created by the University's Office of Student Financial Services.  You should visit the Student Financial Services website for detailed information about Financial Aid.

Students are encouraged to continue to seek federal, public, and private scholarship opportunities throughout their time at St. John's.  Many of these can be found through basic online searches based on criteria such as year in law school, area of law of interest, geographical region, etc.  Others may be found on our Online Student Center.  Think creatively to reduce your debt! 

If you are an incoming student and have further questions about the law student financial aid process, please contact the Law School Admissions Office at 718-990-6474.