St. John's School of Law is fortunate to be able to offer a large number of scholarships to our incoming students. Many of our incoming first year students are awarded scholarships upon admission.

As an applicant to St. John's School of Law, you will be considered for scholarship at the time your application for admission is reviewed. No supplemental application is required. If you have been awarded a scholarship, you will be notified of this award and the retention parameters thereof in your admission materials.

There is no specific LSAT score or undergraduate GPA required to be awarded a scholarship. However, those who are most likely to receive some amount of scholarship are those who have LSAT scores and undergraduate GPA's at or above our medians. For the class entering in Fall 2013, our median LSAT score was a 156, and our median undergraduate GPA was a 3.39.

Continuing Student Scholarships

Academic Achievement Awards
In addition to the entering scholarships available to Law School students, students may become eligible for scholarship assistance after completing their first year. Such awards are made in lieu of, and not in addition to, scholarship awards made upon admission to the Law School and are granted for extraordinary academic achievement. Continuing students will be notified in the summer if they are eligible for such an award.

External Scholarships
We also make continuing students aware of a number of external scholarships. These are emailed to current students throughout the year and also posted on the Online Student Center.

Scholarship Retention

For merit scholarships awarded to the incoming classes of Fall 2011 and after, the scholarship retention policy is as follows. Recipients must rank in the top 40% of the class after each academic year to retain 100% of their scholarship, the top 55% of the class after each academic year to retain 75% of their scholarship, or the top 65% of the class after each academic year to retain 55% of their scholarship.

Students awarded a Ron Brown or Vincentian Scholarship retain the scholarship each academic year provided their cumulative grade point average remains in good academic standing.

Regardless of the retention policy under which a student enters, all students awarded scholarships have the opportunity to regain all or part of their scholarship at the completion of their second year of law school should they lose all or part of their merit scholarship after their first year.

The retention statistics for the Fall 2012 and Fall 2011 incoming classes are as follows:

Matriculation Year# Entering
with Conditional Scholarships
# Whose Conditional Scholarships Have Since Been Reduced or Eliminated# Retaining 100% of Scholarship# Retaining 75% of Scholarship # Retaining 55% of Scholarship% of Students Retaining All or a Large Portion of Their Scholarship