Dean and John V. Brennan Professor of Law and EthicsMichael A. Simons718-990-6601 
Associate Academic DeanLarry Cunningham718-990-7616
Vice Dean EmeritusAndrew J. Simons718-990-6098 
Associate Dean for Library and Technology ServicesMartin Cerjan718-990-1578 
Associate Dean for Faculty ScholarshipMarc O. DeGirolami718-990-2082
Associate Dean for Bankruptcy StudiesG. Ray Warner718-990-6620 
Director, Office of the DeanClaire K. Pollicino718-990-1997 
Executive Secretary to the Dean and to the Associate Academic DeanLuisa Asaro718-990-6602
Academic Success
Assistant Dean for Academic SuccessRobin Boyle 718-990-6609
Associate Dean for Admissions and Financial ServicesRobert M. Harrison718-990-6474 
DirectorTheresa C. Hallet718-990-6612 
Associate DirectorDorothy P. Moran718-990-6095 
Development and Alumni Relations  
Executive Director of Development and Alumni RelationsBrian J. Woods718-990-5792
Assistant Dean for Alumni Relations and Continuing Legal Education  Claire C. McKeever718-990-6028 
Advancement OfficerPhilip J. Maroney718-990-7991
Director of Annual GivingMaryAnna Schwarz-Schaefer718-990-2438
Major Gift OfficerMatthew M. Sobotta718-990-5782
Assistant Director of StewardshipDominique G. Cendales 
Budget Services
Executive Director of FinanceEd Kling718-990-6608 
Associate Director of Budget ServicesA.J. Buckley718-990-5523 
Budget CoordinatorLynne M. Kavourgias718-990-1867 
Career Development
Assistant DeanJeanne Ardan718-990-6767
Associate DirectorHelena Rojas Quinn718-990-1390
Associate DirectorRena M. Varghese718-990-6044
Assistant Director of Employer RelationsTess Abbazio718-990-1978
Assistant DirectorCrystal Diaz718-990-6070
Assistant DirectorKimathi Gordon-Somers718-990-5489
Assistant DirectorMichael Kerman718-990-5929
Assistant DirectorLaura Schwartz718-990-5309
Assistant DirectorSejal Singh718-990-6563
Writing SpecialistChristopher McKittrick718-990-2337
Center for Bankruptcy Studies
Director and Associate DeanG. Ray Warner718-990-6620
Associate Director and ProfessorKeith Sharfman718-990-6616
Director of Bankruptcy ProgramsYvette Gutierrez718-990-1923
Center for International and Comparative Law
Co-Director and ProfessorChristopher J. Borgen718-990-1982
Co-Director and ProfessorMargaret E. McGuinness718-990-8018
Center for Labor and Employment Law
Executive Director and ProfessorDavid L. Gregory718-990-6019
Center for Law and Religion
Director and ProfessorMark L. Movsesian718-990-5650
Associate Director and Associate ProfessorMarc O. DeGirolami718-990-6760
Child Advocacy Clinic
Professor of Clinical Legal Education; Director, Child Advocacy ClinicJennifer Baum718-990-1424 
DirectorLori Herz718-990-8351 
Graphic Design ManagerSusan Louie718-990-6618
Communications CoordinatorJoanne Kissane718-990-2364
Consumer Justice for the Elderly: Litigation Clinic
Director and Professor of Clinical Legal EducationAnn L. Goldweber718-990-6248 
Professor of Clinical Legal EducationGina M. Calabrese718-990-6248 
Facilities AssistantVincent Marsh718-990-6841
Hugh L. Carey Center for
Dispute Resolution
Assistant Dean for Dispute Resolution Programs, Director and ProfessorElayne E. Greenberg718-990-8188
Faculty Chair and ProfessorPaul F. Kirgis718-990-6610
Information Technology
Help Desk SpecialistDianna Otis718-990-1429 
Associate Dean for Library and Technology ServicesMartin Cerjan718-990-1578 
Associate Director for Library Technical ServicesJoseph Hinger718-990-1582 
Assistant Director of Technical ServicesAllan Ryan718-990-5074 
Government/U.N. Documents/Reference LibrarianRosemary LaSala718-990-1896 
Senior Circulation LibrarianAstrid Emel718-990-6826 
LL.M. in Bankruptcy
Associate Dean for Bankruptcy Studies and ProfessorG. Ray Warner718-990-6620 
Director of Bankruptcy ProgramsYvette Gutierrez718-990-1923 
LL.M. in International and Comparative Sports Law  
Assistant Dean for Transnational ProgramsJeffrey K. Walker718-990-8358
Director, LL.M. in International and Comparative Sports Law and ProfessorEttie Ward718-990-6617
Deputy Director, LL.M. in International and Comparative Sports Law (St. John's)Jeffrey B. Fannell718-990-6625
Deputy Director, LL.M. in International and Comparative Sports Law (Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economia (ISDE))Mireia Lizandra 
Assistant Director, LL.M. in International and Comparative Sports LawItziar Murillo Cruz718-990-1954
Director, Transnational ProgramsLucas Rezende718-990-6948
LL.M. in U.S. Legal Studies
ProfessorChristopher J. Borgen 718-990-1982 
Assistant Dean for Transnational ProgramsJeffrey K. Walker718-990-8358
Main Switchboard  
Receptionist and Office AssistantJoanne D'Anca718-990-6600 
Office Services
Office Services AssistantSteven O'Connell718-990-5637
RegistrarAnn M. Hurt718-990-8350
Assistant RegistrarCarron Anderson718-990-6607 
Ronald H. Brown Center for
Civil Rights and Economic Development
Director and ProfessorElaine M. Chiu718-990-6657
Secretarial Services
ManagerDeborah Kelly718-990-1850 
Securities Arbitration Clinic
DirectorChristine Lazaro718-990-7627
Assistant Director and Professor of Legal WritingFrancis Facciolo718-990-1832
Special Events
Associate DirectorMaureen R. Mulligan718-990-1950 
Special Events CoordinatorJennifer Manfredi718-990-6320
Special Services
DirectorNancy Brady718-990-1946 
Writing Center  
Director and George F. Keenan ProfessorMargaret V. Turano718-990-6632