Apply for a Visa

Visa Application Due: April 24

You will need a visa to study abroad on a St. John's University Office of Global Studies semester program. If you are a European Union citizen, other regulations apply, and you must contact the Office of Global Studies to learn how to comply.

The good news is, as long as you're a U.S. citizen*, and submit all of your documents to the Office of Global Studies by the deadline, we can apply for you! What this means for you is that instead of making an appointment and going to the Consulate yourself to submit your application and then pick up the visa, you'll simply submit a completed application along with the required supporting documents at one of the Office of Global Studies Requried Document Submission Sessions (from April 20 to 24, 2015). The Office of Global Studies will then apply on your behalf at our scheduled group application appointment and return your passport with the processed visa. 

Please click your starting country below and read the instructions carefully! If you do not get a visa, for any reason, you cannot go on the study abroad program. Discover the World students: you will be obtaining a visa from the first country of your program, so you will need to wait until you’ve received your rotation assignment to begin preparing your visa application and collecting the required documents.

Confused about any part of the visa application process? Read our Passport & Visa FAQ!

Non-U.S. Citizens

Unfortunately, you are not eligible for our group visa appointment*. That said, we can still help you apply for a visa! Before you get started, please thoroughly review our Independent Visa Application Guide, which should cover the full process. If you have any questions after that, we'll be happy to help. You're also welcome to bring your completed application and supporting documents to one of the required Document Submission Sessions, where we'll review your application.

*Non-U.S. citizens are eligible for the Spanish group visa process.