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Apply for a Visa

Current Visa Information Posted:  Fall 2017 Semester & Exchange Programs; Short-Term Programs (Spring - traveling in May 2017 & Summer 2017)

Discover the World: Europe Visa Application Deadline: June 12-22, 2017

Paris & Rome Semester Programs Visa Application Deadline: April 18-21, 2017

Short-Term Programs: Determine whether you need a Visa by March 1, 2017  

Securing your visa is your first step towards learning how to take the initiative to navigate Consulate requirements.  This is a great way to begin developing key skills and competencies that will carry with you not only during your study abroad program, but throughout your career.    

Taking initiative on the visa application process is such an important step in preparing for your study abroad semester that the Office of Global Studies has created a flier with tips on how to start your visa application – It’s Visa Time!

U.S. President Trump's administration is focused on changing U.S. immigration laws. OGS is monitoring these changes. Any non-U.S. citizen students with related questions should consult with the Office of International Student and Scholar Services and OGS. 

Program Key:

Semester Programs
Refers to the following Fall 2017 Semester Programs:

  • Discover Italy: Rome
  • Discover France: Paris
  • Discover France: Biology & Chemistry
    • The Discover France: Biology and Chemistry program confirmed to run for Fall 2017! (updated: April 6, 2017)
  • Discover Spain: Psychology
    • The Discover Spain: Psychology program has been postponed to Fall 2018 (updated: April 6, 2017) 
  • Discover the World: Europe
  • Discover the World: History
    • The Discover the World: History program has been postponed to Fall 2018 (updated: April 6, 2017) 
  • Note: Semester Programs does not include the Exchange Program. Exchange Program participants will receive additional detailed pre-departure steps and requirements after acceptance into the Exchange Program.

Short-Term Programs
Refers to the following study abroad programs traveling in Spring, Summer and Fall 2017:

  • Global Passport Program (Spring 2017 program)
  • Ethics in a Global Perspective (Johannesburg & Cape Town, South Africa) (Spring 2017 program)
  • Italian Hospitality: Boot-Camp Style (Rome & Perugia, Italy) (Spring 2017 program)
  • Modern Greek and International Management: Modern Greek Level I students only (Athens, Greece) (Spring 2017 program)
  • All Summer Pre-Session, Summer Session I, and Summer Session II 2017 programs
  • Discover Italy: Pharmacy Sixth Year Program (Fall 2017 program)
    • The Discover Italy: Pharmacy Sixth Year program Rotation 2 is confirmed to run (updated April 6, 2017) 
    • The Discover Italy: Pharmacy Sixth Year program Rotations 1, 3 and 4 have been cancelled. OGS encourages you to speak with the Pharmacy department to see if you can switch to Rotation 2.

Semester Programs

Important Notes:

  • A Visa is required to study abroad on a St. John's University Office of Global Studies Semester Program.
  • If you are a European Union citizen, other regulations apply, and you must contact the Office of Global Studies to learn how to comply.

OGS Group Visa Application Process

How it works
As long as you are eligible for the OGS Group Visa Application Process, and submit the completed Visa application along with the required supporting documents by the deadline for your program OGS will submit your Visa application to the Consulate for you.  

Eligibility for the OGS Group Visa Application Process

  • France:  U.S. & Non-U.S. citizens are eligible for the OGS Group Visa Application Process. (*Note: Non-U.S. Citizens will need to accompany an OGS Administrator to the French Consulate to submit their Visa applications for a special international student Visa appointment.)

All students who are eligible to participate in the OGS Group Visa Application process are required to do so.

To begin, click your starting country below and read the instructions carefully!  If you do not secure a Visa, for any reason, you cannot go on the study abroad program. 

Please visit the Passport & Visa FAQ if you are confused about any part of the Visa application process!  

Discover the World (DTW): Europe 

  • All Discover the World: Europe students will be obtaining a French visa, and must apply through the OGS Group Visa Application process.

Important Note about International Travel Prior to Studying Abroad:  Due to the processing time of the Consulates, students who participate in the OGS Group Visa Application Process will most likely have their Passports with affixed Visas returned in August 2017 prior to the Semester program departure dates. Students participating in the OGS Group Visa Application Process should not plan any travel outside the U.S. before mid-August 2017 – because you will not have access to your Passport during this time.

If you are a U.S. citizen, and have already booked international travel, you can apply for a second U.S. Passport for this trip. Here are instructions on how to apply for a second U.S. Passport.

Exceptions: Independent Visa Application Process

Italian Visas: The Italian Consulate in NYC requires all students to submit their visa applications directly to the Italian Consulate. 

Semester Program participants who plan to apply independently for their Visas should consult the Independent Visa Application Guide.  

You still need to participate in a Required Document Submission Session for OGS to review your Visa Application, and to provide OGS with your Consulate appointment date during that Required Document Submission Session.  There are additional steps and requirements you will need to take into consideration - including securing certain verification letters from OGS to add to your Visa application. 

Note: If you are applying for your Visa at a Consulate in a different location than New York City, you will also need to research the requirements for that Consulate because each Consulate has its own set of requirements!

Please remember to schedule your Visa appointment ASAP as appointment slots fill up very quickly!

Short-Term Programs

Determine Whether You Need a Visa by March 1, 2017

For most Short-Term Programs, a Visa is not required for U.S. citizens – however, it is your responsibility to find out if you need a Visa based on the country you’re traveling to and your country of citizenship. Information on Visa or entry requirements for each program will be posted on your program’s information page. 

Visas are almost always required for non-U.S. citizens. 
Visa appointments are hard to secure and Visa processing can take several weeks, you must request and secure a Visa appointment at the appropriate Consulate at least 90 days prior to your departure date.   Again, before you get started, please thoroughly review our Independent Visa Application Guide

Note: non-U.S. citizens will also need Proof of Legal Residence in the United States to re-enter the U.S. at the end of the program: for permanent residents, a Green Card (valid until at least 6 months after the program end date); for international students, a U.S. visa (valid until at least 6 months after the program end date) and a Form I-20 signed by ISSO prior to departure (valid through date of SJU graduation).  

Exchange Programs

A Visa is required for all exchange programs, unless you are a citizen of the country/region in which you are studying.  OGS will guide you through the Visa preparation process.  You should start by visiting the website of your destination country's Consulate.  If you have any questions, you can meet with a member of our staff for assistance.  Once you are accepted by your host university, they will further assist you through the Visa application process.  To start:

  • Step 1:  Thoroughly review our Independent Visa Application Guide. Visa appointments are hard to secure, and Visa processing can take several weeks.
  • Step 2:  You must request and secure a Visa appointment at the appropriate Consulate at least 90 days prior to your departure date (even if this is before you are accepted by the Host University!). 
  • Step 3:  You must start your Visa application process the same week you are accepted by your host university.