Not Sure How to Spend Winter Break? We Have a Few Ideas...

Winter 2014 Programs:

  • France – Study Theater in the “City of Light”
  • Morocco – Engage Global Politics in Multiple Cities
  • Rome TESOL – Develop an appreciation for the English Language in Rome, Italy

Spring Intersession 2014 program:

  • Bahamas – Learn Resort Management Hands-On—at a Top Resort!
  • Jamaica– explore the role of diversity in the field of Library and Information Science

Taking place between the fall and spring semesters, St. John’s Winter Intersession programs provide the benefits of experiential education while accommodating students with specific academic interests or time concerns. As with all our programs, the countries where you study will be an essential part of the classroom experiences through options such as site visits, cultural tours, lectures, and service learning. In addition, our programs leave you time to explore your surroundings independently, allowing you to become more immersed in your new home cities.

Winter Intersession benefits include:

  • Top NYC Faculty: Our faculty are incredibly dedicated and dynamic, and their passion for the subject matter and location comes through in their careful planning.
  • Focused Coursework: Winter programs often offer disciplines—and courses—not typically represented on study abroad programs, including graduate opportunities.
  • Great Destinations: Based on areas of faculty expertise, our winter program locations may vary from year-to-year, but they’re always culturally and historically rich.
  • Affordable Fees: Because winter programs tend to be shorter in duration (typically 1-2 weeks), fees are generally lower than with other options.

In recent years, winter programs have travelled to locations such as Chile, Dubai, the Galápagos Islands India, Italy, and France, with courses in the following areas of concentration: Biology, Business, Communications, Fine Arts, and Languages & Literatures.

Financial Aid Opportunities:
We strongly encourage students participating in our winter programs to apply for the Licari Scholarship. This scholarship is open to both undergraduate and graduate students and is awarded based on need.

For additional information on scholarships and financial aid, please visit our Financial Aid page.