Make Rome Your Classroom!

Through our various summer sessions, we offer options to fit any schedule. Choose from a variety of Italian language courses to perfect your accent and expand your vocabulary. Colloquialisms and even slang will become second nature as you interact with people on the streets, at museums or in theaters. Whether ordering gelato at a local gelateria or an espresso at a café, this is the best way to strengthen your Italian language skills. Michelangelo and Bernini, Titian and da Vinci – Rome has inspired many of the greatest artists in history. Now it’s your turn to sketch the city through our Italian Sketchbook course. Or, through Art and Architecture in Italy, you’ll make the streets of Rome your classroom, wandering the city to uncover its architectural jewels.

In a single street, you’ll find magnificent examples of classic, baroque and renaissance art and architecture. Since Italy is the most popular tourist destination for Americans, what better place is there to study International Tourism and Management? You’ll experience tourism Italian-style, traveling to new locations throughout the country and drawing comparisons between Italy and the U.S.