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Italian Summer Language Program or International Internship in Italy

It's time to really learn why Rome wasn't built in a day!

Roman life and language await you this summer! Instead of using a textbook to study Italian culture and language, why not go to the source and pay Italy a visit? Imagine strengthening your Italian language and intercultural communication skills as you order gelato from the very shops that made this creamy dessert so famous, or visiting Rome’s most fabled sites like the Coliseum, the Forum and St. Peter’s Basilica for your art and architecture studies.

Program Dates: June 2 to July 1, 2017 - Summer Session I


Faculty Directors:

  • Dr. Annalisa Saccà – Internships
    Dr Sacca’s areas of specialization include Modern and Contemporary Italian Literature, Film and Cultural Studies.  She has developed numerous courses to enhance the Italian program such as :Italian for Business, Contemporary Italy, Italian Culture through Music, Italian Women Writers, Italian Culture through the Internet, Italian Culture through Food. She has published  seven books among which Saggi critici su Enzo Nasso,  Significando Simulacri: scrittura di contrabbando di P.F. Paolini , Saggi critici di C.E. Oppo,. She also puplished four books of her poetry: Gli occhi di mia madre, Dove non è mai sera, Nominare Delfi, Il tempo del grano.  Dr. Sacca` founded the Center for Global Development, which she directed for six years, and developed a Master in Global development and Social Justice, in collaboration with Unicaritas of Rome. She was awarded six grants, three from the Department of Education, the last one, to develop an undergraduate Major in Global Development and Sustainability.  Among her academic awards and honors, she treasures the Professor of the Year Award, the Ellis Island Congressional Medal of Honor, the Pacem in Terris" (Peace on Earth) from the Istituto Universitario internazionale, "Sapientia Mundi" in Rome, and being a member of the Academy of Parnassos in Athens (Greece). This Literary Society for poets is one of the most prestigious and oldest in the world, among its members were Lord Byron, and the Italian poets Ugo Foscolo and Gabriele D'Annunzio.
  • Rome faculty (other Italian language courses)

Program Fee: The summer 2017 program fee is $2990, which does not include round-trip airfare or summer tuition (estimated at $3880 per 3-credit course).

Program Status: This program is confirmed to run!