Discover the World: Psychology

The DTW: Psychology program is offered exclusively to psychology majors and minors during the spring semester. The program will allow 15 psychology students to enroll in courses specifically geared towards their academic program with the intent of keeping them on track for graduation. 

Students who participate in this program will enroll in two psychology courses in Seville and will supplement their schedule by selecting additional courses to take while studying in Rome and Paris at the advisement of their dean.

Please note: While abroad, students must maintain full-time status by being registered for a minimum of 12-credits and a maximum of 18-credits. Additionally, students must have at least one in-person class per module. (i.e., each 5-week stay in a given city).


PSY 2210 - Theories of Personality 
An introduction to significant theories of personality and a critical evaluation of these theories. Credit: 3 semester hours.

PSY 2260 - Positive Psychology 
Prerequisite: None.
Positive psychology studies how human beings prosper in the face of adversity. It attempts to identify and enhance the human strengths and virtues that make life worth living and allow individuals and communities to thrive. Credit: 3 semester hours.

LAC 1000C - Language and Culture of Spain
This course focuses on the study of the historical and social development of the Spanish culture and civilization. This course will also offer a brief approach to the linguistic situation and language policy in Spain and in the world.” 3 credits.
*Equivalent Courses: FRE 1000, ITA 1000, SPA 1000, LIN 1000, MFL 1000, CSD 1155, RCT 1155, SPE 1155, HON 2800 (If you have taken any of the above, you cannot take LAC 1000)

SPA 2030 - Spanish Level III
Prerequisite: SPA 1020 or permission from the chair.
This course reviews the basic skills learned in Spanish I and II and continues building oral and written proficiency with more intensive reading and conversation within the context of Spanish culture. 3 credits.

SPA 2040- Intermediate Spanish Conversation
Prerequisite: SPA 2030  or permission from the chair 
This course reviews the basic skills learned in Spanish I, II and III and continues building oral proficiency with more intensive conversation within the context of Hispanic culture. 3 credits

PHI 2200C - Ethics
Prerequisite: PHI 1000C. Human happiness and the essential means of achieving it; universal and objective morality vs. relativism and subjectivism; principles used in formulating a rational moral judgment; the functions of law and the conscience; prudence and the moral virtues as the heart of the moral life. 3 credits.

THE 2500 - History of the Church
A survey of church doctrines and institutions, critical moments in church history and interpretive resources useful for understanding them. 3 credits.


ART 1775 - Art and Architecture in France
An overview of painting, sculpture, and architecture in rural France and the city of Paris from Roman Gaul through the 19th Century. 3 credits.

ECO 1320 - Economics of Poverty and Income Inequality
An examination of the everyday life of poverty stricken individuals. Critical analysis of the development of economic policy, economic trends and the conditions that would have to be changed if poverty is to be ended. 3 credits.

FRE 1010 - French Level I
This course aims to develop basic communication skills in French. Through a progressive use of the four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, students develop oral and written proficiency at a limited level within the context of French culture. 3 credits.

PHI 3000C - Metaphysics
Prerequisite: PHI 1000C or permission of the instructor. An examination of the central epistemological and metaphysical issues of modern philosophy. 3 credits.

THE 2810 - Religions of the World
A critical introduction to the study of world religions. Explore the beliefs, rituals and ethical ideals of representative religious manifestations of the past and present. Characteristic traits and patterns in tribal, imperial, naturalistic, mystical and national religions. 3 credits.


ART 1795 -  The City of Rome
A study of the city of Rome through its art, historical periods, literary and cultural movements and physical structure. 3 credits.

ITA 1010 - Italian Level I
This course aims to develop basic communication skills in Italian through  listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students develop oral and written proficiency at a limited level within the context of Italian culture. 3 credits.

THE 3305 - Moral Theology of the Marketplace
An exploration and analysis of moral decision-making as it applies to the world of business. 3 credits.

IB 3341 - International Business
Examines the strategy of global operations and examines several basic approaches to coordinating operations located in different countries. The challenges which confront these managers are identified, as are the opportunities and tradeoffs which must be considered in addressing those challenges. 3 credits.

Online Learning

In addition to classroom courses, students are also able to take Online Learning courses while they are abroad. Please check with your dean or academic advisor for more information.