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Discover the World: Pharmacy

The DTW: Pharmacy program is offered every spring semester for 2nd-year pharmacy students and follows the same format as Discover the World: Europe. The program allows students to enroll in courses specifically geared towards their academic program with the intent of keeping students on track for graduation. 


PHI 3000C - Metaphysics 
Prerequisite: PHI 1000C. An introductory course which attempts to articulate ultimate principles of knowing and being. Central questions to be considered are: Is there evidence of God's existence and, correspondingly, is there a solution to the problem of evil? Does human cognition permit of ultimate foundations? Is nature teleological and if so can it serve as an objective standard of value? The course also considers traditional metaphysical aspirations in the context of contemporary challenges from the physical and social sciences. 3 credits.

PAS 2201 - Pharmacoeconomics
Prerequisites: MTH 1250, MTH 1260, PAS 2301. This course is designed to provide the students with introductory concepts of pharmacoeconomics as it relates to patient care. This course is taught as a Online Learning course by full time faculty here in New York. 3 credits.


PHS 2201 - Biopharmaceutical Chemistry and Biotechnology
This course is an intermediate-level biochemistry and molecular biology lecture course. This course is taught by an adjunct faculty member in Seville. 4 credits.


PHS 2101 - Public Health
All aspects of public health, including organizations, administration, and environmental social health problems are discussed. The study of epidemiology and disease control is emphasized. 3 credits.

PHS 3504 - Anatomy and Physiology I
The structure and function of body systems; molecular aspects of cell biology; cell physiology; cell structure; tissues; integumentary, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory and digestive systems. 3 credits.

*Summer Session I or II*

As part of the program's requirements, all DTW: Pharmacy students are required to enroll in a summer lab course during summer session I or II after they return from their semester abroad.

PHS 2301 - Biomedical Lab I
Biomedical Lab completed upon return from abroad. Demonstration and experimentation of basic principles of pharmaceutical biochemistry and biotechnology. 3 credits.

Spring 2016 Program Fee: $8,290