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Academic Calendar

Fall 2017 Academic Calendar for Discover the World programs


*Please note: the Discover the World academic calendar is currently under review and will be finalized after June 15, 2017.

August 28 (M)Arrival in Paris (Housing Unavailable Before 8/28. Must Check-In by 8 p.m.)
August 29 (T) - September 1 (F)Mandatory Orientation
September 2 (S)Seville/Rome Students Travel to their Cities
September 3 (Su)Mandatory Orientation
September 4 (M)Module 1 Classes Begin
September 8 (F)Last Day to Add/Drop Module 1
September 12 (T)Mandatory Cultural Mentoring Program Session (Rome)
September 19 (T)Last Day to Withdraw or Apply for Pass/Fail (Module 1)
September 29 (F)Class (Make-up for Travel Day)
October 4 (W)Module 1 Classes End
October 5 (Th)Travel to 2nd City (No Classes)
October 6 (F)Mandatory Orientation All Cities
October 7 (S)Mandatory Orientation (Rome Only)
October 9 (M)Module 2 Classes Begin
October 12 (Th)Hispanic Day (No Classes in Seville Only)
October 13 (F)Last Day to Add/Drop Module 2
October 13 (F)Class in Seville (Make-up for Hispanic Day)
October 13 (F)Class in Paris (Make-up for All Saints' Day) 
October 17 (T)Mandatory Cultural Mentoring Program Session (Rome)
October 20 (F)Class in Rome and Seville (Make-up for All Saints' Day)
October 24 (T)Last Day to Withdraw or Apply for Pass/Fail (Module 2)
November 1 (W)All Saints' Day (No Classes)
November 3 (F) Class (Make-up for Travel Day)
November 8 (W)Module 2 Classes End
November 9 (Th)Travel to 3rd City (No Classes)
November 10 (F)Mandatory Orientation All Cities
November 11 (S)Mandatory Orientation (Rome Only)
November 13 (M)Module 3 Classes Begin
November 17 (F)Last Day to Add/Drop Module 3
November 17 (F)Class (Make-up for Thanksgiving)
November 23 (Th)Thanksgiving (No Classes)
November 28 (T)Last Day to Withdraw or Apply for Pass/Fail (Module 3)
Novermber 28 (T)Mandatory Cultural Mentoring Program Session (Rome)
December 1 (F)Class in Seville Only (Make-up for Spanish Constitution Day)
December 6 (W)Spanish Constitution Day (No Classes in Seville Only)
December 8 (F)Immaculate Conception (Offices Closed in Rome)
December 14 (Th)Module 3 Classes End
December 15 (F)End of Program (Must Vacate Residence by 8 a.m.)