Discover the World: Europe

Three Countries, One Semester… Discover the World: Europe

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Finding a program that fits your needs—both academic and personal—can be a challenge. That’s why Discover the World: Europe has been incredibly successful. Through this unique program, students engage core requirements while living and learning in three different locations—Rome, Italy; Paris, France; and Seville, Spain!

Program Highlights

  • Popular Core Classes—With a European Twist. Our course offerings take you on a true academic adventure. For example, “Art & Architecture in France” isn’t only about studying art in textbooks and reading top theorists, it’s also about getting out in the city—with a top professor as your guide—to see and experience what you might otherwise learn only “by the book.” Be sure to check out the course details for Discover the World, including information on the Psychology and Pharmacy classes for majors and minors.
  • Innovative Modular Format. Through Discover the World’s unique course format, you’ll complete a semester’s worth of credits in three, five-week sessions—with one or two courses in each city. By focusing on a few classes in each “module,” you’ll find time to become immersed in each campus’s academics while exploring the city. For example, you might perfect your French as you watch films in the movie houses lining the Champs-Élysées, or practice your Roman accent while ordering Italian-style ice cream at a local gelateria.
  • The Vincentian Difference. Helping to change lives is an inspiring experience—one that enhances the study abroad experience. By engaging in service-learning activities, you’ll make a difference in the lives of those you work with at local schools, in soup kitchens, or in other locations throughout our cities. Through our Academic Service-Learning offerings, you’ll work with the community while fulfilling course-based experiential education requirements, a truly Vincentian education.
  • Three European Cities, Three Amazing Campuses and Teams. By taking you to three countries in a single semester, Discover the World offers you a multi-faceted perspective on European culture and politics. Not only will you experience the outstanding residential and academic resources of a world-class Catholic university, you’ll do so while remaining a part of the St. John’s community. Each of our campuses offers a full-range of amenities including WiFi, a (small) computer lab, on-site laundry, and an amazing St. John’s team to help you make the most of your time abroad! Please visit our campuses page for an up-close look at your future homes-away-from-home.
  • Vibrant Excursions throughout Rome, Paris, and Seville. One of the most exciting parts of the study abroad experience is the opportunity to explore. Excursions in and near the city—such as to the Coliseum, the Château de Versailles, or the Aracena Caves in Spain, along with “greatest hits” such as the Eiffel Tower—offer the perfect way to take advantage of your time abroad. Though you’ll enjoy time away from the classroom, these excursions are guided by our experienced faculty and staff, so you’ll still be in a learning state of mind. Best of all, it’s all included in your program fee!


While abroad, students must maintain full-time status by being registered for a minimum of 12-credits and a maximum of 18-credits. Additionally, students must have at least one in-person class per module. (i.e., each 5-week stay in a given city).

Great! So What Does It Cost?

Many students are eligible for increased aid when they study abroad, so a semester abroad may be more affordable than you think!

Program Fee, Spring 2015: $8,290* (tuition and airfare to and from Europe not included)
*Many students are eligible for increased aid when they study abroad, so it may be much more affordable than you think!

  • Visit our Financial Aid page for information on merit- and need-based scholarships, work opportunities, budgeting, and more. 
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