Discover Spain: Seville

Improve your knowledge of España and castellano while living "the good life" over a semester in Seville! *Offered Fall Semesters only

With its strategic position just miles from North Africa, Southern Spain has long been at the crossroads of Moorish (Islamic) and European cultures, and, in fact, Seville was the unofficial capital of the world in the 16th Century due to its trade relationship with the Americas. The emerging, vibrant mix — nowhere more evident than in its capital city of Seville —provides us with some of the most uniquely “Spanish” customs, such as flamenco and bullfighting, as well as a historic city center that perfectly captures the region’s unique cultural atmosphere. Indeed, you’ll find few places that more fully embrace the Spanish custom of “tapas,” small, usually inexpensive (and delicious) plates available through the city. 

St. John’s “Discover Spain: Seville Fall Semester” program offers you an extraordinary opportunity to experience a geographically and culturally diverse country that provides the full breadth of opportunities, from deserts to ski resorts, from Mediterranean redoubts to the volcanic-tropical Canary Islands, along with unforgettable landmarks, such as the breathtaking Strait of Gibraltar—and so much more.

Co-sponsored by the Department of Languages and Literatures, the Discover Spain program provides a unique combination of courses that will set apart your educational career. Most courses are taught in English (unless otherwise indicated) and are offered in the same "modular" five-week format as our Discover the World program. Each semester includes three modules with a wide selection of courses. Discover Spain classes allow students to explore Spanish language and culture beyond the pages of a textbook as they put their studies to the test through new friendships, interactions, and unique cultural experiences throughout the semester. In addition to language and core classes, we also offer specialized courses such as Civilizations of Spain and Masterpieces of Andalusían Literature, taught by either Dr. Carmen Klohe or Dr. Nicolás Toscano Liria.

Seville represents the perfect combination of traditional and trendy, and is sure to provide you with an entirely new perspective on what it means to be Spanish. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the city’s location to explore the diverse landscape of Andalucía (the autonomous community where Seville is located). We also suggest students reserve a couple weekends to trek up north and make stops in two of Europe’s most prominent cities: Bilbao and Barcelona. From the museums, to the street life, to the sporting history, all the way to the divergent cultural mores, experiencing the two regions will greatly enhance students’ understanding of Spanish culture and history.

And let’s not forget the city itself! While in Seville, visit the Alcazar Palace, Christopher Columbus’s final resting place, Parque de María Luisa, or the Plaza de España. Navigating the streets of this architecturally diverse city will expose you to a wonderful mix of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque building design, with an unmistakable Moorish influence. As one key example, one of the city’s newest landmarks—an architectural marvel known by locals as “Las Setas” (the mushrooms) due to its flowing, organic form—sits above a museum with preserved 2,000 year-old Roman ruins. Only in Seville will you sample the best tapas, view world-renowned architecture that spans millennia, and experience cutting edge fashion, all in a single day.

As part of the Seville Semester program fee, you will enjoy several excursions targeted at gaining an enhanced perspective on the cultural and geographic diversity of Spain.


  • A weekend trip to Granada
  • A walking tour of Seville, including an introduction to different local foods
  • A visit to the Plaza de Espana (site of the World’s Fair)
  • An exploration of the Aracena Caves
  • A trip to La Maestranza Bull Ring
  • An excursion to the Ruins of Italica, a Roman city from the 2nd century B.C.

Also included in the program fee: Students will spend 5 days touring  Madrid and the surrounding areas — for what most likely will be their best Fall Break yet!

Internship opportunities are also available for students who have successfully completed intermediate Spanish or above. An interview and a special application process is required.


While abroad, students must maintain full-time status by being registered for a minumum of 12-credits and a maximum of 18-credits. Additionally, students may register for online courses to supplement their roster but must have at least three in-person classes while abroad and be in at least one in-person class during each module (i.e., each 5-week semester block). 

Great! So What Does It Cost?

Many students are eligible for increased aid when they study abroad, so a semester abroad may be more affordable than you think!

Program Fee, Fall 2015: $8,290* (tuition and airfare not included)
*Many students are eligible for increased aid when they study abroad, so it may be much more affordable than you think!

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