St. John's University Campuses Open

All St. John's University's campuses will be open Wednesday, January 28 and all classes will run on a regular schedule.  The Registrar's office has extended the add/drop deadline to Wednesday, February 4, 2015. This does not apply to Law School students.

Course Descriptions

Courses offered on the DTW: Europe program cater directly to the St. John's Core Curriculum. For more information on which courses apply to your college and major we recommend meeting with your Dean or Academic Advisor. 

General and Core Courses

Students must register for a minimum of 12 credits and a maximum of 18 credits.

ANT 1010A - Introduction to Anthropology: Cultural
Anthropology as a comparative cultural approach. Learning about world cultures through the examination of the whole life experience through a cross-cultural perspective. Focus includes family and social organization, economics, law, art, religion, male and female relationships, education and personality formation. 3 credits

ART 1250A - Italian Sketchbook
A basic course in drawing and watercolor techniques; using the architecture, landscape and the people of Italy as subjects. 3 credits

ART 1790A - Survey of Art and Architecture in Italy
A comprehensive survey course in the history of the visual arts and architecture on the Italian peninsula from ancient times to the modern era. 3 credits.

ECO 1320 - Economics of Poverty and Income Inequality
An examination of the everyday life of poverty stricken individuals. Critical analysis of the development of economic policy, economic trends and the conditions that would have to be changed if poverty is to be ended. 3 credits

GOV 2650A - Government and Politics of Western Europe
Comparison of the political institutions of Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy; Political tradition, constitutional principles, political parties and contemporary political problems with emphasis on the European Union. 3 credits

GOV 3320A - Current Terrorists Movements
An  analysis and evaluation of the ideologies, strategies and tactics of the leading revolutionary movements in the world today. An analysis and evaluation of the counter-revolutionary measures commonly used by governments. 3 credits

IB 3341A - Principles of International Business
This course will stress the similarities and differences in international business management functions, processes and structures as related to the changing cultural, social, economic and political environment. The changes in management philosophies and practices as well as their adaptations to fit the political conditions in different countries will also be considered. 3 credits

THE 2810A - Religions of the World
A critical introduction to the study of world religions. Explore the beliefs, rituals and ethical ideals of representative religious manifestations of the past and present. Characteristic traits and patterns in tribal, imperial, naturalistic, mystical and national religions. 3 credits

PHI 2200 - Ethics
Prerequisite: PHI 1000C. Human happiness and the essential means of achieving it; universal and objective morality vs. relativism and subjectivism; principles used in formulating a rational moral judgement; the functions of law and the conscience; prudence and the moral virtues as the heart of the moral life. 3 credits

PHI 3000C - Metaphysics
Prerequisite: PHI 1000C or permission of the instructor. An examination of the central epistemological and metaphysical issues of modern philosophy. 3 credits

Italian Language Courses

Prior to enrolling in a language course, all students must seek approval from the Languages and Literatures Department.

ITA 1010A - Elementary Italian
This course aims to develop basic communication skills in Italian through  listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students develop oral and written proficiency at a limited level within the context of Italian culture. 3 credits

ITA 1020A - Italian II
This course continues to develop basic communication skills in Italian. Through a progressive use of the four skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing students develop oral and written proficiency at a limited level within the context of Italian culture.3 credits Prerequisite: ITA 1010

ITA 2030A - Italian Level III
This course reviews the basic skills learned in Italian I and II and continues building oral and written proficiency with more intensive reading and conversation within the context of Italian culture. 3 credits

ITA 3120A - Advanced Italian Conversation
Drill and practice in conversational Italian. Topics are selected to meet the requirements of daily life.  3 credits

LLT 3980 - International Internship*
Total immersion experience in a field of interest chosen by the student in a country in which the target language is spoken.  Must be fluent in Italian. 3 credits
*Course requires departmental permission. Please contact us for details.

LLT 4990 -  Independent Studies in Italian*
This course covers special topics in Italian literature, culture or grammar. Must be fluent in Italian. 3 credits
*Course requires departmental permission. Please contact us for details.

Online Learning

In addition to classroom courses, students are also able to take Online Learning courses while they are abroad. Please check with your dean or academic advisor for more information.