Discover Italy: Rome Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Stay on track for your degree while experiencing all that Italy has to offer!

This new and unique program is an extraordinary opportunity for Pharmacy, Toxicology and Physician Assistant students to take part in a full semester Global Studies program while staying on track for your degree! By taking you to Rome, the Discover Italy: Rome Pharmacy and Health Sciences program offers a multi-faceted perspective on European culture and politics, while allowing you to pursue your regular coursework. Through our academic offerings and service activities, you'll encounter extraordinary opportunities to engage with the people and cultures of modern Europe. Above all, you'll build a stronger academic portfolio by living and learning in Italy. Our vibrant academics and onsite learning are the hallmarks of the Discover Italy: Rome Pharmacy and Health Sciences program.

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Discover Italy: Rome Pharmacy and Health Sciences features an innovative, modular class format that splits your 15-week semester into three, five-week sessions. This way, you’ll have one or two courses in each five week period, allowing you time to fully concentrate on, and absorb your course work.

With Rome as your classroom, you can practice for Italian classes while chatting with locals in the markets, cafes and churches. Explore the masterpieces of Bernini in the Piazza Navona. Marvel at baroque architecture and frescos of St. Peter’s while attending Sunday mass.  We typically schedule classes four days a week so you have three days a week to study, travel and “discover” on your own. Apply Now!

Pharmacy Courses

  • PHI 3000C - Metaphysics
  • PAS 2201 - Pharmacoeconomics
  • PHS 2101 - Public Health
  • PHS 3504 - Anatomy and Physiology I
  • PHS 2201 - Biopharmaceutical Chemistry and Biotechnology 

Toxicology Courses (3rd year students)*
*Please Note: Unfortunately,  due to low enrollment the Rome Toxicology Program has been cancelled for  Spring 2014.

  • PHI 3000 - Metaphysics
  • PHS 3509 - Introduction to Pharmacology
  • TOX 3406 - Principles of Toxicology I
  • PHS 2201- Biopharmaceutical Chemistry/Biotechnology
  • THE 3305 - Moral Theology of the Marketplace
  • Elective

Physician Assistant Courses (2nd year students)

  • PHS 3101 - Introduction to Pathology
  • PHS 3105 - Human Anatomy and Physiology II
  • PHS 3509 - Introduction to Pharmacology
  • PHI 3000c - Metaphysics
  • PHS 2201 - Biopharmaceutical Chemistry/Biotechnology
  • THE 3305 - Moral Theology of the Marketplace

More information on the "Eternal City" can be found on the Lonely Planet website. 

Program Fee, Spring 2015: $8,290* (tuition and airfare not included) 
*Many students are eligible for increased aid when they study abroad, so it may be much more affordable than you think!

*Great News! In an effort to make study abroad accessible to as many students as possible, St. John’s is now offering additional financial aid toward semester programs abroad. To find out how much your personalized Study Abroad Grant would be, and get a better understanding of the financial comparison between studying abroad and studying on a New York campus, see the Global Studies Financial Aid letter that was sent to the homes of all freshmen, sophomores and juniors.