Internships in Paris

St. John’s is proud to offer unpaid internship opportunities in Paris, France during the semester and summer months. Last year, 15 students participating in an SJU program were enrolled in an internship.

In the past, students have worked at government offices, local universities, private companies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Please note the purpose of the internship is primarily language acquisition and that placement options are limited, so it may not be possible to place students at locations of their professional interest.

Students in this program will work under the direct guidance of a supervisor from the sponsoring organization who will report to the Faculty Coordinator. In turn, the supervisor may ask to visit the student at the job site at the convenience of the sponsoring organization and will complete an evaluation form at the end of the internship.

The Faculty Coordinator will contact students within one week of arrival to discuss progress, and will also contact the interns’ on-site supervisors to ensure the quality of the experience.

Application Deadlines

Fall Semester - May 1
Spring Semester - October 15
Summer Session - March 15


  1. Fill out the Internship Application
  2. Meet with the French Coordinator Dr. Petropoulou
  3. Prepare a resume and a cover letter in French (respecting the deadlines)
  4. Have a phone interview with the placement Coordinator in French 
  5. Receive final approval a week later 

Eligibility Requirements
Students must meet all of the following requirments prior to their departure abroad in order to participate in the International Internship program:

  • Junior Status
  • Language Prerequisites: Completed FRE 3110 or FRE 3120 
  • Pre-Approval of the Faculty Coordinator (Interview Required)

Internship Course Requirements and Expectations

Students may choose between a 3 or 6 credit internship under the advisement of the Department of Languages and Literature and their Academic Dean/Advisor. 

Six Credit Internship (Semester Only)
Six credit internships will last for the entirity of your semester program, spanning 15 weeks. 

Time Commitments

  • 375 hours at job site (25 hours/week x 15 weeks) 
  • 90 hours of journaling 
  • 65 hours spent on term paper 

Total Commitment: 530 hours

Note: You may need to take distance-learning classes in order to meet the in-person requirements of the internships and maintain full-time status. In addition, please note that you can be registered for no more than two courses and must ensure that your class schedule allows appropriate, uninterrupted time for the internship -5 consecutive hours per day, Monday through Friday.

Three Credit Internship (Semester or Summer)

Time Commitments:

  • 130 hours at job site 
  • 45 hours of journaling 
  • 30 hours spent on term paper 

Total Commitment: 205 hours

Note: Students participating in summer internship opportunities will be required to pay the summer program fee and for three credits of tuition. These fees include the housing, field trips, and excursions of the summer program.

Evaluation and Grading Process

Students will be graded through a combination of written work, hours logged and supervisor evaluations throughout the semester/term.

  1. Journal Assignment 
    Students are required to keep a daily journal, written in the target language which should include: 
    • A record of the dates and times of each work period 
    • A record of assignments and pertinent details of each work period 
    • Examples of pertinent material collected during the internship 
    • An ongoing assessment of the learning experience 
  2. Final Paper
    Students must completed a final reflection paper on the internship experience, written in the target language (4-5 pages). 
  3. Complete Required Hours
    Successful completion of required hours at work site, as detailed above.

The Faculty Coordinator, in consultation with the on-site supervisor, will determine the final grade. Grades are determined according to the following breakdown:

  • Work Performance: 50% 
  • Daily Journal: 20% 
  • Final Reflection Paper: 30%