Graduate Study

St. John's has multiple opportunities for Graduate students to take courses abroad. However, Graduate programs are usually limited to students from a particular school or with a specific major. For more information, please visit the page of the specific program you are interested in, below, or contact the Office of Global Studies.

Graduate Degree Programs Abroad

Tobin College of Business

  • Rome, Italy - M.B.A. students can complete their entire degree, or simply one or two semesters immersed in the beauty and culture of Rome.

St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

School of Law

  • Transnational Programs - To support two pillars of St. John’s University's strategic plan – Globalization and Student Engagement – the Law School offers a wide variety of overseas study opportunities:  summer study abroad programs in Rome and Paris, semester academic exchanges with University of Glasgow, semester-length overseas externships/practica across Europe, summer overseas internships, and the Dean’s Travel Study Program – truly something for every interest.

Short Term Graduate Programs Abroad

Summer 2014

  • Argentina (St. John's College):
    • SPA 118: Contemporary Spanish-America
    • SPA 306A: Seminar: Multidisciplinary Course on Argentina: Culture, History, Politics, Art, and Literature
  • China (St. John's College):
    • ASC 254: U.S.-China Relations
    • ASC 901: Directed Readings
    • CHI 301:Chinese Language and Literature
  • Greece (School of Education)
    • EDU 3217: Research and Practice of Teaching Writing in General Inclusion Education
    • EDU 9006: Human Development in Cross-Cultural Perspective
    • EDU 9015: The Structure of teh English Language
  • Guatemala (St. John's Coll):
    • SPG 403: Management of Pediatric Dysphagia in a Developing Country
  • Spain (School of Education)
    • EDU 5301: Leadership Values, Decision Making, and Multicultural Organizations
    • EDU 5651: School Community Relations in Education
  • Vietnam (St. John's College):
    • PSY 630: Theories of Personality
    • PSY 810: Early Intervention in Early Childhood: Assessment, Intervention, and Program Evaluation

 Fall 2014

  • Ecuador
    • ITA 3110/3120: Advanced Conversation