St. John’s offers a wide variety of programs to suit any student’s needs, from a full semester at our Paris or Rome Campuses to winter intersession and summer opportunities in fantastic locations like Bermuda, China, or the Galápagos Islands. What’s more, the Office of Global Studies can help you decide which program best meets your interests.

For example, if you’d like to experience three different countries in a single semester, try Discover the World: Europe. On the other hand, if you work during the school year and have limitedtime to study abroad, try a winter, summer, or Tobin Global Destination program, which travels for a few weeks as part of an academic semester.  Whatever your academic focus or time constraints, St. John’s believes that all students—graduate or undergraduate—should have an international experience to enrich their academic experience and broaden their career horizons.

Read below for all of our opportunities!

SJU Semester Programs
Whether you travel to three countries or one, St. John's offers you a semester full of cultural exploration and immersion through our Discover the World, Rome and Paris semester programs.

Exchange and Direct Enrollment Programs
For the more independent student, we offer a variety of exchange programs with partner universities around the world, including Sweden, Japan, Barbados, Australia, Chile and many more!

Traditional Short-Term Programs
These programs are fully contained between academic semesters—you’ll earn academic credit in programs that span from 10 days to just over a month during the winter intersession or summer.

Summer Programs
Summer session programs are geared towards graduate and undergraduate students who want to gain discipline-focused intercultural knowledge and international exposure between semesters. Program locations have included Argentina, France, Vietnam, Spain and many more! 

Winter Intersession Programs
Similar to summer programs, these offerings travel during the break between the fall and spring terms. Previous locations have included the Galápagos Islands, Italy, and Dubai.

Semester-Based Short-Term Programs
St. John’s offers a unique set of programs that spend the academic semester in New York or online, then travel as a required component of the class either before, during, or after the academic semester. Many of these programs are unique to St. John’s, and offer an incredible opportunity to prepare for and engage international study through a full semester’s coursework and travel-based study.

Global Passport
This program provides freshman and transfer students with a study abroad experience during their first year at St. John's. You’ll travel to Rome, Italy with your professor and classmates for seven days—all as part of a required, core class!

Tobin Global Destination Courses
Students in Tobin College of Business can take advantage of uniquely focused opportunities throughout the world! “GDCs” have traveled to locations such as Ireland, Peru, and England.

Dean's Fellowships
Academically qualified students can apply for the Dean's Fellowship program, which sends students on a week-long sponsored trip to Paris or Rome!

Other Graduate Programs
Many of the programs listed above also have a graduate component, but please read about our full semester programs, or our general graduate programs summary, below!

Short-Term Graduate Programs
Interested in expanding your graduate studies? Why not take part in one of our numerous graduate programs that allow students to spend part of their summers abroad. Past locations include Guatemala, Vietnam, Argentina and England, just to name a few. 

Graduate Degree Programs
Learn more about graduate degree progams offered abroad, including semester and year-long programs.