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Whether you travel to three countries or one, St. John's offers you a semester full of cultural exploration and immersion through our Discover the World, Rome and Paris semester programs.


For the more independent student, we offer a variety of exchange programs with partner universities around the world, including Sweden, Japan, Barbados, Australia, Chile and many more!

Short-Term Programs

These programs are fully contained between academic semesters—you’ll earn academic credit in programs that span from 10 days to just over a month during the winter intersession or summer.

Embedded Travel Courses

We offer a unique set of programs that spend the academic semester in New York or online, then travel as a required component of the class either before, during, or after the academic semester.

Graduate Study 

St. John's has multiple opportunities for Graduate students to take courses abroad. 

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We encourage students to apply as early as possible to increase their chances of attending their first choice program.