Health & Safety

Your health and safety are our paramount concern, so this section details steps that St. John’s takes to make our study abroad programs as safe as possible. As you read this section, we’d ask you to keep two important concepts in mind: 

  • First, study abroad is a family decision. Even the most conscientious university can’t “guarantee” safety, so we want you and your family to make an educated decision using reliable information. Be sure to check sites you trust as you consider your potential destinations—including places you may visit independently during free days or weekends. We recommend the Department of State’s Students Abroad and general Travel site as starting points on general safety, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Traveler’s Health site for information on wellness abroad.
  • Second —and this advice would be equally true in NYC—your decisions once abroad factor heavily into your safety. Following St. John’s code of conduct (particularly around drinking) and making smart choices during your free time will go a long way toward keeping you safe!

So what does St. John’s do to make the program as trouble-free as possible, and to help students if they do encounter difficulties? We encourage you to read on for more.