Grants & Scholarships

Who would say “no” to free money? 

The opportunity to study abroad may come around once in a lifetime. While it offers students the chance to expand their personal and academic horizons, we understand that finances play a major role in the decision-making process. With that in mind, St. John’s offers substantial grants to make semester-length study abroad more affordable. These grants are based entirely on need and eligible students can receive up to $6,000 in additional aid against the $8,290 program fee in order to make their international education dreams a reality – without the financial burden. Students will be notified of their eligibility via paper letter and e-mail twice per academic year.

The Office of Global Studies is a strong proponent of rewarding high-achieving students for their commitment to excellence. We believe the University’s hardest-working students deserve the opportunity to expand their international competence through study abroad, so we provide $500 Global Scholars grants to help them accomplish their goals. These grants can be applied toward semester programs, as well as “standalone” summer or winter programs (“embedded” programs are not eligible). Students will be notified of their eligibility by paper letter and mail twice per academic year. 

Scholarship Opportunities  

The links below highlight application-based scholarship opportunities, but you should think of your existing St. John’s financial aid—and any additional study abroad grants you’d receive toward a semester abroad—as the “base” for determining how much study abroad will really cost you and your family. For further information, including making a direct comparison between studying abroad and studying in NYC, please contact our colleagues in the Office of Student Financial Services: Kayon Bryson or Maryanne Twomey. If you're a veteran interested in studying abroad, please contact Marion Concilio.

Students from other U.S. universities should also contact their home institution's financial aid office, as well as our Visiting Student page, for specific information on the type of aid available to each individual.

The Institute of International Education's (IIE) Study Abroad Funding website has a database to help students discover more study abroad program and scholarship opportunities. Students in search of more funding should click here to research more opportunities.