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Why Give

Michael Rosenberger ’01C

Alumnus Creates Scholarship for Theatrically Talented Student
"I feel it is my duty and responsibility to give back to the University that gave me so much."

Jeffry Wengroff ’73CBA

Alumnus Prizes "Moral Compass" Found at St. John’s
"St. John’s helped me get my start in life, The least I can do is to help them. I’m a firm believer in the axiom, ‘If you can’t give it away, you can’t keep it.’"


Marie M. Gleason, MD ’77P

A Change in Major Leads to a Fulfilling Career in Medicine
"Anyone who feels that they got where they are by themselves is mistaken. You’re the product of your environment."

Thomas J. Fitzpatrick ’69CBA

Alumnus Learns Lessons of Service and Loyalty at St. John’s
"St. John’s was such an important part of my life..."


Lee Eisenberg, M.D. ’67C

Alumnus Serves as Model Benefactor and Committed Physician
"As a 17-year-old, Lee Eisenberg, M.D. ’67C wasn’t certain what he would do in life, but he knew what he liked—athletics."