Why Give

Larry Burke ’73Ed, ’77GEd

A Dedicated Administrator 
“Education is the future of this country. You never know who you’re going to help, just like you never know who’s going to become that next great teacher, or that next great scientist, or someone who will affect the future so drastically.”

Theresa Hynes '13CPS

Young Alumna Directs for Support
“I was amazed to learn how much financial aid SJU students receive, and how much of that is from generous alumni and friends,” she said. “It’s a great, supportive community, and I’ll always remember those four years.”

Stephen Schultz ’17TCB 

A Scholarship Recipient
“Without the help of this scholarship, I wouldn’t have been able to go to St. John’s...it was the deciding factor to come to St. John’s, and I couldn’t be happier.”

Richard Sinatra, Ph.D.

A Tireless Professor 
“What I love the most about St. John’s is the community spirit, the fact that it feels like family… It’s been a highlight of my life to watch this University grow, and to watch so many students grow along with it.”

Anthony Giardina ’85C

A Loyal and Generous Alumnus
“We’re a Vincentian university, and St. Vincent de Paul was all about giving. It really feels good to me to give, especially to the University. And I think that if other alumni choose to give, they would really find a lot of satisfaction in that.”

Wendell Cruz '91SVC

A Lasting Legacy
"Now that I’m in a position where I’m more established professionally, I want to make sure I give back and have an impact."