Camera Family Legacy Scholarship Application

I hereby submit my application for the St. John’s University Camera Family Legacy Scholarship. I understand that the evaluation and determination of the recipient will rest exclusively with the St. John’s University Scholarship Committee, and I have downloaded and read all the requirements for this scholarship.

Applicants must be admitted to the University prior to applying. 

Application Deadline: March 31 

Freshman Applicants

Transfer Applicants

Complete the information above for freshman and provide the following information below.

List school, dates attended, total credits taken and cumulative GPA
Submit here a 350 word essay on the following topic: “My Past, Present and Future: What My St. John’s University Legacy Means to Me.”


The student applicant is an immediate relative of the alumna/alumnus below (list up to 3).

Please note the below relationship(s) to applicant will be verified by the Office of Alumni Relations.

Alumna 1

Alumna 2

Alumna 3

Please Note: The recipient of the Camera Family Legacy Scholarship Award may accept other monetary awards over the four or five scholarship years without affecting this scholarship.