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Camera Family Legacy Scholarship Application

I hereby submit my application for the St. John’s University Camera Family Legacy Scholarship. I understand that the evaluation and determination of the recipient will rest exclusively with the St. John’s University Scholarship Committee, and I have downloaded and read all the requirements for this scholarship.

Applicants must be admitted to the University prior to applying. 

Application Deadline: Janauary 15, 2017

Freshman Applicants

Transfer Applicants

Complete the information above for freshman and provide the following information below.

List school, dates attended, total credits taken and cumulative GPA
Submit here a 350 word essay on the following topic: “My Past, Present and Future: What My St. John’s University Legacy Means to Me.”


The student applicant is an immediate relative of the alumna below (list up to 3).

Please note the below relationship(s) to applicant will be verified by the Office of Alumni Relations.

Alumna 1

Alumna 2

Alumna 3

Please Note: The recipient of the Veronica Smith Alumnae Assocation Memorial Scholarship Award may accept other monetary awards over the four or five scholarship years without affecting this scholarship.