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Students for Global Justice

To allow the student body at St. John’s to be educated about the numerous of issues that are going on globally in today’s world. Deal with issues of immigration, trafficking, poverty, and numerous social injustice issues.

Organization’s Mission

The purpose of this organization is to provide an opportunity to St. John’s University students to participate in discussions of global concerns, evaluate ways to address these issues, make positive change, and advocate in thought and action for human rights, the poor and the oppressed. It is the organizations purpose to highly impact the student body, both commuters and residents, through recruitment effort in order to achieve the maximum level of effectiveness in bringing about social change. S4GJ will allow students to look at the domestic and global issues surrounding social justice. S4GJ will provide opportunity to educate the student population through multiple forums, including but not limited to activities throughout November, the assigned Hunger Awareness Month. In accordance with St. John’s Vincentian mission, S4GJ will help by any means possible with the struggles that those around the world face.

Membership Requirements

All St. John’s students interested in global justice are eligible to participate in events and projects sponsored by the group.