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Peace Week

"To Sow Love"

Motivated by the powerfully moving SOA peace march, during a follow up meeting and discussion with student participants, Peace Week was incepted. As a result, Peace Week began in the Spring semester of 2009 and now continues to be an annual week of a call to action.

In an effort to inspire ACTION, Peace Week Planning Committee maintains that its main Peace Week goal is to light fire of awareness and action. Students’ main desire it to empower other students to make a concrete and lasting difference. With the perspective that everyone, at some point in life, has not been at peace, the committee understands that it is important to remind others that despite struggle and challenge, there is still hope in the God of love.

When we look at the magnamity and the scope of what has to be done around the world, and what has been done, it is easy to be overwhelmed. The Peace Week committee reminds us this year of the importance of not only helping those people who suffer over seas, and across borders, but of the necessity to help those who suffer and struggle in our very own backyards. We also can think of new and innovative ways to bring the two worlds togehter through the use of our resources.