Post Graduate Service

Vincentian Service Reflection Training

Vincentian Service Reflection trainings enhances the response of the University Strategic Plan initiative of “continuing to provide opportunities to engage students in direct service with the poor, including service formation activities and meaningful reflection both for students studying locally and abroad.” This enhancement has come in the form of creating a team of qualified trainers from within the University community who will be capable of leading reflection using methods that illuminate our Catholic and Vincentian identity. They are then asked to train students and staff from within their departments to lead reflections before, during, and after a service experience. For more information regarding trainings, please contact Kate Giancatarino at 718-990-6115 or

As students begin to consider their options following graduation, Campus Ministry offers a special opportunity to reflect on post graduate service. Throughout each academic year, students are afforded the opportunity to be engaged in conversation, a connection with other departments and faculty, and acquiring a directory and literature on volunteer programs. Encouraging students to strongly consider using their Vincentian service experiences that they gained at St. John’s as a building block to create a lifetime of service.

Looking for more information, contact Kate Giancatarino at 718-990-6115 or