Midnight Run

Working with the Midnight Run Organization, St. John’s University through the Department of Campus Ministry feeds and clothes people who are homeless in Manhattan. This experience allows the students to have a direct encounter with men and women who are willing to share their stories. St. John’s University students gather to make sandwiches, sort through donations and bring the items to people sleeping on the streets.

An integral and Vincentian part of the service is getting to know the men and women they meet, reflect on the experience, and discover the faith component of it. Seats are limited for each run. If you can't participate in a run, but want to help, you can always donate needed items.

On the Queens campus, Midnight Runs happens on Monday - Thursday in the Fall and Spring; Wednesday & Thursday in the Winter. The time for Midnight Run is from 8 p.m. to 12:30/1 a.m.


Queens Campus
Rafael Rivera

Staten Island Campus
Melissa Gibilaro