Program Requirements

The 16-month VMC program begins in the Fall and consists of three major components: Education, Service and Reflection. Following an application and interview process, approximately 20 – 25 selected participants will demonstrate their commitment by completing the following as a cohort:

  • Education: approximately two (2) educational training sessions per semester on Vincentian and Catholic identity (e.g. Vincentian Spirituality, Vincentian Heritage, Catholic Social Teachings)
  • Service: 50 hours of individual and group community service, two - thirds of which involve direct contact with the poor.
  • Reflection: monthly Vincentian reflection sessions on various topics, facilitated by the University Chaplain; spiritual journaling focused on growth and insights gained through the program; capstone reflection paper (approximately two pages) summarizing the impact of the 16-month program.
  • Retreat: A day-long capstone retreat highlighting the major themes of the program and offering opportunities for in-depth discussion, reflection and community building.