St. John's University New York Campuses Closed

Due to the icing and unsafe driving conditions, all St. John's University's New York campuses will close today, Thursday, March 5.

Ozanam Scholars

Committed, passionate, and motivated are just a few words which describe an Ozanam Scholar. Rooted in the themes of Scholarly Research, Vincentian Service and Global Citizenship students will have the opportunity to not only grow academically, but elevate their contribution to society through solutions-based research. Required course work, travel, and community service will be the foundation for their activities while exploring local, national, and international concerns and developing the acumen to address the issues of the social justice. 

Scholarly Research
Through academic study students develop the skills to analyze social issues and propose workable solutions. As an Ozanam Scholar you are required to minor in Social Justice and complete other program specific classes. Guided by faculty, community leaders, and noted experts, students are required to complete an independent study in their junior year and a capstone project by the end of their senior year. They develop their skills as leaders with the knowledge to confront social challenges and the confidence to effect positive change.

Vincentian Service
The Ozanam Scholars program is part of Vincentian Institute for Social Action (VISA).  This institute is one of the newest initiatives at St. John’s.  It was established to promote our Vincentian Mission by providing an academic platform for students and faculty to address issues of global poverty and social injustice. In the spirit of St. Vincent de Paul, Ozanam Scholars spend their semesters at local clinical sites, often performing additional service at other locations across the globe.

Global Citizens
Students have the opportunity to explore different cultures by participating in local, national and international excursions. As global citizens students learn about the rights of all human beings and the factors which hinder human rights and human dignity. Through these experiences they gain an understanding of various groups in a global context and the role that each of us play in maintaining a healthy and productive society. 


Carline Bennett
Director of the Ozanam Scholars Program
Queens Campus
Lourdes Hall

Natalia Salazar
Assistant Director of the Ozanam Scholars Program
Queens and Staten Island Campus

Queens Campus
Lourdes Hall

Staten Island Campus
Loretto Memorial Library, Room 104