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Alumni are invited to utilize our services and resources, from support and advice for your own job search to information on how to recruit our students for internships and full-time positions.

Helping and Hiring Students 
Each year, nearly 3,000 students begin their freshmen year at St. John’s University. Another 3,000 enter the job market or pursue further education. As an alumnus, you can help!

Connecting talent with employer needs through the power of the St. John’s family is central to University Career Services’ mission.

  • Recruit the Red Storm! Post internship and job opportunities directly to CareerLink and/or e-mail
  • For information about additional employer-related programs such as campus recruiting and job fairs, please visit our Employer Page

Career Services for Alumni

Whether you are looking to explore new career paths or researching alternative career options, University Career Services is available to assist you in your job search. We offer you one-on-one support with developing your professional objective, resume writing/cover letters, job search strategies, networking and evaluating job offers/salary negotiations. As a St. John’s alumnus, you have full access to all of our services and resources as current students, including access to CareerLink, so you can receive e-mails about upcoming events and special opportunities and submit resumes online to positions posted. We recommend that you make an appointment with a Career Advisor to discuss your individual needs.

Alumni Service Policy *
As of July 1, 2013, University Career Services will serve alumni in career counseling/advising appointments through their lifetime for a maximum total of three appointments.  Alumni will be limited to one-on-one advisement during the following time periods: December 15-January 15 and May 15-July 30.

  • Alumni will be referred to the career coaching services of identified partners of University Career Services and the Office of Alumni Relations.
  • Alumni will continue to be welcome to participate in the events sponsored by University Career Services, with the following exceptions: employer site visits, shadowing and on-campus recruiting.
  • Alumni will be engaged in industry networking events hosted on campus and in the NYC area.
  • Programs specifically designed with an experienced professional in mind will be created as needed in partnership with the Office of Alumni Relations.

Cancellations / No-Shows / Lateness
Alumni will be monitored under the same policies as recently set for students with regard to cancellations, no-shows and lateness.

Revocation of Alumni Services
Alumni utilize University Career Services as a courtesy.  You may lose the privilege of receiving services if any of the following occur:

  • Repeatedly missing your appointments and/or consistently misusing session time;
  • Attending career advising sessions or events under the influence of alcohol or narcotics;
  • Sexually harassing, physically threatening or verbally abusing University Career Services professional or student staff;
  • Disruptive behavior.

*Recent graduates are considered alumni as of June 1st following the year after their graduation date.  This includes September, January and May graduates. Ex. May 2013 graduates are considered alums as of June 2014.

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Mentoring Opportunities 

The best career advice comes from listening to the personal experiences of others. 
Serving as a “COACH” is a chance to be a role model for students and is a great way to give back to the University.

As a graduate of St. John’s University or an employer, you can serve as a mentor to students through the COACH program.  Mentors serve as a resource to current students and new graduates who are exploring career, internship and employment opportunities.

As a COACH, you can provide one-to-one career advising, invite students to shadow you at your workplace, or serve as a guest speaker.  Various mentoring activities are available to suit your interests and availability and you can control your level of involvement. 

  • One-to-one advising Meeting with a COACH mentor enhances the educational experience of students.  As a mentor you might share personal experiences related to career development/advancement; offer feedback on resumes, cover letters and interview strategies; provide networking opportunities; or share your perspective on work/life balance.  One meeting and/or conversation with your student may be sufficient to answer questions, or a relationship may develop allowing you to address concerns by listening and offering advice.  As a COACH, you will be able to set your own limit as far as involvement.  Advising can take place in person, over the phone, or via e-mail.
  • Shadowing Each year, University Career Services offers students the opportunity to spend one day shadowing a professional in fields of interest.  The shadowing experience provides students with first hand exposure to a career – an invaluable opportunity for an undergraduate.  University Career Services carefully screens and prepares students to ensure a rewarding experience for both the student and mentor.
  • Guest Speaking Throughout the year, University Career Services offers workshops and panel presentations that provide professional preparation for students.  COACHes may serve as guest speakers or workshop facilitators who provide career insight, advice and expertise.

Often the best, most inspiring advice comes from listening to the personal experiences of others.  Communication with professionals can provide realistic information about career options, job responsibilities and employment conditions.  The purpose of COACH is to provide students with a way to learn about potential career opportunities and meet people in your field.  COACHes are alumni and friends of the University who provide students access to their profiles and contact information via LinkedIn. Participating in the program will help students to:

  • Determine whether a career, industry, or company matches their skills, interests, and expectations.
  • Gain “insider’s tips” on organizing your job/internship search and breaking into a career field.
  • Receive advice on resumes, interviewing skills and career advancement. 
  • Become more familiar with the career options for someone with their major.
  • Seize the opportunity to see an organization from the inside.

Joining the COACH program is simple:

  • Create or login into your LinkedIn Profile
  • Search ‘Groups’ for St. John’s COACH Connect
  • Request to Join

Role of the Student
Students will be responsible for contacting COACHes via Linkedin to request an informational meeting that accommodates both of your schedules. Meetings can take place in person, over the phone, or information can be shared via e-mail. 

For more information contact Career Services, (718) 990-6375 or

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Other Mentoring Opportunities

Career Fairs
Alumni are one of our key assets for professional development and recruiting.  Come to a Career Fair to meet students and talk about your employer and collect resumes from interested students and alumni. 

Job Shadowing
This program provides students the opportunity to visit your worksite and “shadow” you, observing some of the activities of an actual day-in-the-life in your profession. Shadowing experiences are unique for every mentor and mentee, but the goal is ultimately the same – to take a day to explore a possible career field and to lay the groundwork for future networking possibilities. 

Mock Interview Day
This event will help students gain essential interview experience by learning from those who have “been there and done that!”  Help students brush up on their interview skills as they prepare to apply for internships, part-time positions, full-time jobs and/or campus leadership roles.  Offer practice and provide honest feedback when it comes to presenting themselves professionally and answer their questions. 

Dining Etiquette
Help students learn to navigate a formal dinner with style!
It is possible that our students will be asked to dinner or lunch for a business meeting, or even for a job interview.  During this workshop, over four courses, students will learn all about the do's and don'ts of business dining. 

Special Events
University Career Services hosts a wide range of events and activities throughout the year geared toward understanding the world of work. We aim to provide students with the opportunity to interact with top executives, civic and government leaders, and hiring managers in informal and formal settings.  If you have interest in sharing your knowledge, hosting a group of students for a tour of your company, or have an idea for a program, please contact us at (718) 990-1325 or