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St. John's College, MA in International Relations
Margherita Panzara
Tel: +39 (06) 393 842 67

St. John's College, MA in Global Development and Social Justice
Joyce Lawlor
Tel: +1 (718) 990-6129

The Tobin College of Business, MBA
Dru Burtz
Tel: +39 (06) 393 842 32
Alumni Activities, Benefits and ServicesAlumni Relations, Queens Campus
Tel: +1 (718) 990-6232
Career CenterCareer Center, Queens Campus
CCK Building
Tel: +1 (718) 990-6375

Job Placement in Rome
MBA: Dru Burtz
MA: Margherita Panzera
General Commencement InformationAssistant Vice President, University Events
Nunzia Manuli