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Quality Service Module II: Effective Communications and Handling Difficult Situations in the Age of Technology

July 24, 2017

Quality Service Module II focuses on effective communication skills and the importance of such skills when providing service to others. 

This module offers you the opportunity for hand-on skills practice in face-to-face communication, active listening techniques, and defusing a difficult situation. This program also will focus on understanding the role of technology in providing quality service to our Millennial students.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How effective communication is defined and its role in providing Quality Service
  • How to use active listening to help you become a better listener
  •  How to defuse a difficult situation and reach agreement
  • The role of technology in providing Quality Service

The workshop will be held on Tuesday, August 1, 2017, from 8:45 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Register for the Queens Campus - University Center, Suite D