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Graduate Assistant for GRASSP

July 27, 2017

Graduate Research Advancement in Science Scholarship Program

Project Summary:

Sponsored by the Office of Grants and Sponsored Research (OGSR), the St. John’s University (SJU) Graduate Research Advancement in Science Scholarship Program (GRASSP) is designed to foster an institutional culture of sponsored research in science complimenting the needs of our academic community. To this end, the University has made available a limited number of funds for SJU graduate students to actively engage in research/laboratory experience with a designated faculty member and to learn the basic tasks associated with sponsored research administration and compliance


A) Be accepted and enrolled in a in a SJU graduate- level (Science) course of study by the time of acceptance of this award.

B) Possess a minimum of a 3.5 GPA

C) Applicants are restricted to the following SJU science departments:
• Biological Sciences
• Chemistry
• Communication Science and Disorders
• Applied and Computational Mathematics
• Psychology
• Clinical Health Professions
• Pharmaceutical Sciences
• Pharmacy Administration and Public Health
• Data Mining and Predictive Analytics (College of Professional Studies)

Job Responsibilities:

• Each awardee will be assigned a designated faculty mentor within their major department in which they will engage in weekly experiential learning.
• Awardees will work under the supervision and direction of their faculty mentor and will exposed in the training, use and maintenance of SJU equipment and will be exposed to a laboratory environment and departmental facilities.
• Each awardee will assign to a designated administrative mentor within the Office of Grants and Sponsored Research.
• Each awardee will be trained in the distinction between federal/state/private research grant applications.
• Each awardee will be trained in the use and comprehension of proposal solicitations, federal guidelines (including the SF424 and NSF proposal Preparation Guide) and compliance policies (both internal and external).
• Further job responsibilities will be defined by the faculty mentor.

Recruiting Information:

Level: Graduate

Semesters Recruiting: Fall

Campus(es): Queens

Position Title: Graduate Assistant for GRASSP

Hours per Week: 18-20

Type of Position: Paid

Pay: $3,000 per semester

Position Status:

Interested in this Job?

If you are interested in this research opportunity, please contact Jared Littman at (718) 990-2920, or e-mail