Don’t Cancel That Class

March 10, 2014

Occasions inevitably arise when a faculty member is obliged to miss a class due to personal or professional commitments. Now professors have the opportunity to turn this scenario into a unique learning experience for students by scheduling a “Don’t Cancel That Class” workshop during the missed class. 

The interactive sessions are led by a trained educator and cover topics like leadership, diversity, student wellness, and career development. All requests must be submitted at least one week in advance. Upon receipt of the request (subject to availability), a Student Affairs administrator and/or a trained peer educator will be scheduled to lead your class.  

For classes offered on the Queens campus, contact Margaret Gander, Graduate Assistant, at 718-990-3026 or For Staten Island classes, contact David Gachigo, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, at 718-390-4345 or

Workshop Offerings 


Leading Up, Down, and Across: How to Become a 360º Leader
This workshop emphasizes the necessity of solid leadership in all positions responsible for implementing an organization's vision and mission. The training experience empowers leaders to exercise their influence upward to superiors, across to fellow leaders, and down to members they lead.

Time Management
Overworked? Overtired? Running out of time? Take a time out and rejuvenate yourself with this interactive session. Learn quick tools to get back in balance fast, and get it all done!

Values, Ethics, and Morals in Leadership
Sometimes student leaders may question their leadership ability when faced with ethical decisions. In this workshop, students will learn how to enhance their skills in creating a sound and principled leadership style.

Conflict Management
Our students are involved in many organizations in which conflict is sometimes necessary and desirable. The leader’s role is to manage that conflict. In this workshop, students explore techniques to successfully navigate organizational and personal conflicts.

University Career Services

Career Services Offerings
This workshop provides an overview of all Career Services offerings.

Resume Perfection
Learn how to write and perfect your resume to best attract employers during your job search.

Branding Yourself through Social Media
Learn how to effectively use Facebook and LinkedIn in your job search to make connections, get recommendations, and network with industry or interest-specific groups. 

Introduction to Internships
Learn the value of obtaining an internship in your field of study, how to find an internship, and how to get the most out of the experience.

Student Wellness

Don’t Get a Flat Tire! Managing Stress 
It’s easy with a little help from your friends! Use an interactive wheel to find out how to make positive changes in your life.

Alcohol Jeopardy 
How much do you know about what alcohol does to your body? Would Alex Trebek be impressed? He will be after you attend this test of your alcohol knowledge.

Use as Directed: Prescription and Over-the-Counter Drug Use
Ever wonder what’s in all that Tylenol you’ve been taking? Is it okay to double a dose?  What does abuse of prescription and OTC drugs look like? Find out in this multimedia workshop.

We Are St. John’s
What will your graduating class look like? What experiences will you share?  How can you help keep your peers safe and help lower the statistics of sexual violence on campus? This interesting and engaging workshop will help you learn how.


Dimensions of Diversity Awareness
As members of a highly diverse University community, it is important for students to be able to identify attributes they have in common while still appreciating what makes them unique. During this workshop, students explore various dimensions of diversity and assess their comfort level with each. These dimensions are then challenged with various scenarios.

Overcoming Stereotypes
The purpose of this workshop is to help students examine their own cultural perspectives in relation to stereotypes they have, where they learned them, and how to begin to question their validity. Students examine both effective and ineffective ways to handle prejudice-related conflicts, using positive and constructive social action.

Cultural Diversity: Similarities and Differences
This workshop allows students to reflect on their own identity while at the same time challenging them to embrace similarities and differences with other cultures.

Oppression and Privilege
This workshop amplifies the definition of oppression and privilege and includes examples. Its purpose is to increase awareness and sensitivity to the realities of oppression and privilege and to illustrate diverse experiences of both.