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Sara Purcell

Hometown: Staten Island, NY


B.S.- The College of Staten Island/CUNY
M.S. Ed.- Brooklyn College/CUNY

Adult and Veteran Services

Years in Admissions

Favorite Thing About St. John’s
My favorite thing about St. John's is the sense of community among the staff, students and faculty.

Advice you give STJ applicant
Visit the campus and network with faculty members and current students. Making connections early on in the enrollment process is important component to making a successful transition. 

Favorite Movie
Office Space, A Room with a View, Stoker and Beginners.

Favorite City in the world to Visit
Florence, Italy and anywhere in South Africa 

Favorite Vacation Spot
Santorini, Greece

What do you like about living in the NY metro area?
I love NYC because it truly is a cultural melting pot. I’ve traveled to over 12 countries so navigating my way through Manhattan and our other boroughs often reminds me of my travels.