Janeale Gottlieb-George

Hometown: U.S. Virgin Islands


Villanova University

Pennsylvania; Albany area, U.S. Virgin Islands

Years in Admissions

Favorite Thing About St. John’s
I've noticed how well the students and faculty work together both inside and outside the classroom.  Developing close relationships with students shows how committed the professors at St. John's are to and invested in the success of their students.

Advice you give STJ applicant
Although recommendation letters are not required to apply to St. John's it always looks great to have a strong and personalized letter written by a teacher or faculty member  that can attest to your best qualities and characteristics. Also, make sure to visit St. John's campus whenever possible!

Favorite Movie
I could never pick just one! Top 5 maybe?? RENT, Crash, Grease 1 and 2, My Best Friends Wedding, and The Graduate. Ok that's 6 but who's counting...

Favorite City in the world to Visit
Mykonos, Greece! I visited there during a study abroad trip and I can't wait to go back one day!

Favorite Vacation Spot
My home island St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

What do you like about living in NY metro area?
The great shopping! So many places to go, so little time. The awesome restaurant choices also goes without saying. Most cultural and ethnic cuisines can be found somewhere in the city and I really appreciate that.