Counselor Directory

Get to know our Admission team by clicking on the individuals below. Check out the counselors' travel schedules to see where you can meet a St. John’s representative near you.

We are dedicated to providing excellent service to prospective college students, their parents, guidance counselors, and those we meet while traveling at college fairs and high schools spanning the globe. Look for a SJU counselor visiting near you.

Undergraduate Admission Counselors
Kristy Allan
Christian Andrade
Amy Arcario
Assistant Director of International Admissions
Stephanie Carrasco
Ohio, Puerto Rico, Northern New Jersey
Kristen Chartier
Northern California, West Brooklyn, Central New Jersey
Juantiesha Christian
Adult & Veteran Services
Ilana Ciccone
Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Georgia
Kerri Darcy
Florida, New York: Queens County
Stacey Davey
North Carolina, New Jersey: Bergen County
Amy Lisa
Margarita David
New York: Nassau County
Gina Kilian
Transfers and Westchester County
Amy Lisa
Nassau County
Michelle Lynn
Mid- Atlantic Region
(MD, VA, DE, DC)
Douglas McNabb
Manhattan, Bronx, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse
Christine Perrault
Texas and Rockland Cty, NY
David Pierre
Florida, Nevada, Arizona
Sara Purcell
Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey
Aubrey Rakoski
Transfers and Illinois
Jonathan Weiss
Lisa Sayo
New York: Suffolk County and East Brooklyn
Amber Speed
Jonathan Weiss
Southern California, Colorado, Washington
Samantha Wright
Staten Island, Connecticut


DestinationDateStart TimeEnd TimeAdmission Counselor
Anglo Chinese Junior College Visit03-Sep-149:00 AM10:00 AMKristy Allan
St. Andrew's Junior College visit03-Sep-141:00 PM2:00 PMKristy Allan
Saint Joseph's Institution International visit05-Sep-149:30 AM10:00 AMKristy Allan
NEACAC at Western New England College07-Sep-144:00 PM6:00 PMIlana Ciccone
Paramus High School Private visit08-Sep-147:45 AM8:45 AMStacey Davey
Highland Park High School Private Visit08-Sep-148:30 AM9:00 AMChristine Perrault
ISS International School visit08-Sep-149:50 AM10:10 AMKristy Allan
Nassau Community College08-Sep-1410:00 AM2:00 PMGina Kilian
Leonia High School Private Visit08-Sep-1410:00 AM11:00 AMStacey Davey
Greenhill School Private Visit08-Sep-1410:30 AM11:00 AMChristine Perrault
Jesuit College Preparatory Private Visit08-Sep-1411:30 AM12:00 PMChristine Perrault
Raffles Institution visit08-Sep-141:00 PM1:30 PMKristy Allan
Epsicopal School of Dallas Private Visit08-Sep-141:15 PM1:45 PMChristine Perrault
Plano Senior High School College Fair08-Sep-146:00 PM8:00 PMChristine Perrault
Georgia Probe College Fair in South Cobb Georgia08-Sep-146:30 PM8:30 PMIlana Ciccone
Georgia Probe Cobb County South08-Sep-146:30 PM8:30 PMIlana Ciccone
Bishop Lynch Private Visit09-Sep-148:30 AM9:00 AMChristine Perrault
St. Pius X High School Private Visit09-Sep-148:50 AM9:30 AMIlana Ciccone
Singapore American School visit09-Sep-149:30 AM10:00 AMKristy Allan
Peak Prep Private Visit09-Sep-1410:00 AM10:30 AMChristine Perrault
Marist School Private Visit09-Sep-1410:30 AM11:30 AMIlana Ciccone
Bishop Eustace09-Sep-1411:00 AM12:00 PMKristen Chartier
Guttman Community College09-Sep-1411:30 AM2:00 PMAmber Speed
Stamford American School Visit09-Sep-1411:30 AM12:00 PMKristy Allan
North Atlanta High School Private Visit09-Sep-1412:00 PM1:00 PMIlana Ciccone
Irma Rangel Private Visit09-Sep-1412:00 PM12:30 PMChristine Perrault
Holy Innocents Episcopal School Private Visit09-Sep-141:30 PM2:30 PMIlana Ciccone
United World College of Southeast Asia - East Campus visit09-Sep-142:00 PM2:30 PMKristy Allan
Camden Catholic HS09-Sep-147:00 PM9:00 PMKristen Chartier
Catholic High School Night College Fair09-Sep-147:00 PM9:00 PMChristine Perrault
Saint Francis High School Private Visit10-Sep-149:15 AM9:45 AMIlana Ciccone
Alpharetta High School Private Visit10-Sep-149:15 AM9:45 AMIlana Ciccone
Nolan Catholic Private Visit10-Sep-149:45 AM10:25 AMChristine Perrault
United World College of Southeast Asia - Dover Campus visit10-Sep-149:50 AM10:00 AMKristy Allan
Bishop Dunne Private Visit10-Sep-1411:00 AM11:30 AMChristine Perrault
Roswell High School Private Visit10-Sep-1412:00 PM1:00 PMIlana Ciccone
Ursuline Academy Private Visit10-Sep-141:00 PM1:30 PMChristine Perrault
Blessed Trinity Catholic High School Private Visit10-Sep-142:00 PM3:00 PMIlana Ciccone
Kellenberg Memorial High School College Fair10-Sep-146:30 PM8:00 PMMargarita David
Allen High School College Fair10-Sep-147:00 PM9:00 PMChristine Perrault
John Paul II Private Visit11-Sep-148:00 AM8:30 AMChristine Perrault
Westlake High School Private Visit11-Sep-149:00 AM10:00 AMIlana Ciccone
Cistercian Preparatory School Private Visit11-Sep-1412:15 PM12:35 PMChristine Perrault
CSRA College Night11-Sep-145:00 PM8:30 PMIlana Ciccone
Uplift College Fair11-Sep-145:30 PM7:30 PMChristine Perrault
Cresskill High School Private visit12-Sep-148:26 AM9:30 AMStacey Davey
Fort Worth Country Day College Fair12-Sep-148:30 AM10:30 AMChristine Perrault
Bishop Hendricken College12-Sep-148:30 AM10:00 AMKerri Darcy
Brent International School fair12-Sep-149:30 AM10:30 AMKristy Allan
Our Lady of Mercy Private Visit12-Sep-1411:15 AM1:05 PMIlana Ciccone
Trinity Christian College Fair12-Sep-1411:30 AM1:30 PMChristine Perrault
International School of Manila fair12-Sep-1411:30 AM12:00 PMKristy Allan
British International School fair12-Sep-1412:15 PM1:00 PMKristy Allan
Richardson ISD College Fair13-Sep-149:30 AM11:30 AMChristine Perrault
SFV Catholic HS Counselors' Fair13-Sep-1410:00 AM1:00 PMMargarita David
Manila Exhibition13-Sep-1412:30 PM3:30 PMKristy Allan
College Previews College Fair13-Sep-141:00 PM3:00 PMChristine Perrault
KIPP Atlanta College Fair13-Sep-141:00 PM3:30 PMIlana Ciccone
Chinese International School fair14-Sep-1412:00 AM12:00 AMKristy Allan
Singapore Exhibition14-Sep-1412:00 PM4:00 PMKristy Allan
Cincinnati NACAC14-Sep-141:00 PM4:00 PMGloria Carrasco
Cincinnati NACAC14-Sep-141:00 PM4:00 PMGloria Carrasco
Woodward Academy College Fair14-Sep-142:00 PM4:00 PMIlana Ciccone
Henry Grady High School Private Visit15-Sep-1412:00 AM1:00 PMIlana Ciccone
Beverly Hills High School Private Visit15-Sep-148:00 AM8:54 AMMargarita David
Skaneatleles High School Visit15-Sep-148:30 AM9:30 AMDouglas McNabb
Bogota H.S. private visit15-Sep-148:30 AM9:30 AMStacey Davey
McNicholas HS Private Visit15-Sep-148:33 AM9:21 AMGloria Carrasco
Lovett School College Fair15-Sep-148:45 AM11:00 AMIlana Ciccone
Hampton Prep Private Visit15-Sep-149:30 AM10:00 AMChristine Perrault
Valencia Community College East Campus15-Sep-1410:00 AM2:00 PMAmber Speed
The Summit Country Day School15-Sep-1410:00 AM11:00 AMGloria Carrasco
Southold HS Private Visit15-Sep-1410:30 AM11:00 AMLisa Sayo
Ridgewood HS Private Visit15-Sep-1410:30 AM11:30 AMStacey Davey
Singapore American School fair15-Sep-1411:00 AM11:30 AMKristy Allan
Singapore American School fair15-Sep-1411:00 AM11:30 AMKristy Allan
Greenport HS Private Visit15-Sep-1411:00 AM12:00 PMLisa Sayo
Roman Catholic High School15-Sep-1411:30 AM12:30 PMSara Anne Purcell
International Community School fair15-Sep-1412:00 PM1:00 PMKristy Allan
Rio Americano HS15-Sep-1412:00 PM12:40 PMKristen Chartier
Saint Monica Catholic High School Private Visit15-Sep-1412:00 PM12:30 PMMargarita David
Sunnyvale College Fair15-Sep-141:00 PM3:00 PMChristine Perrault
Shelter Island HS Private Visit15-Sep-141:00 PM2:00 PMLisa Sayo
Del Campo HS15-Sep-141:15 PM2:00 PMKristen Chartier
Dumont HS Private Visit15-Sep-141:15 PM2:15 PMStacey Davey
New Roads School Private Visit15-Sep-142:05 PM3:00 PMMargarita David
Hwa Chong International School fair15-Sep-143:00 PM4:30 PMKristy Allan
Prince George's County PTSO College Fair15-Sep-144:00 PM7:00 PMMichelle Lynn
Culver City High School College Fair15-Sep-146:00 PM8:00 PMMargarita David
Fort Worth ISD College Fair15-Sep-146:00 PM8:00 PMChristine Perrault
Overseas Family School fair15-Sep-146:00 PM8:00 PMKristy Allan
Hillside HS16-Sep-1412:00 AM12:00 AMGloria Carrasco
Bishop Amat Memorial High School Private Visit16-Sep-148:15 AM9:00 AMMargarita David
Christian Brothers Academy Visit16-Sep-148:21 AM9:00 AMDouglas McNabb
Rodriguez HS16-Sep-148:45 AM9:30 AMKristen Chartier
Saint Marks Private Visit16-Sep-148:50 AM9:20 AMChristine Perrault
Nexus International School fair16-Sep-149:00 AM10:30 AMKristy Allan
Smithtown High School East High School Private Visit16-Sep-149:00 AM9:30 AMLisa Sayo
KIPP Collegiate High School Private Visit16-Sep-149:00 AM10:00 AMIlana Ciccone
Ramapo HS Private Visit16-Sep-149:15 AM10:15 AMStacey Davey
Southern Maryland College Fair16-Sep-149:30 AM7:30 PMMichelle Lynn
Fayetteville-Manlius Visit16-Sep-149:30 AM10:15 AMDouglas McNabb
Seminole Community College16-Sep-1410:00 AM2:00 PMAmber Speed
Ridge HS Private Visit16-Sep-1410:00 AM11:00 AMGloria Carrasco
Smithtown High School West Private Visit16-Sep-1410:00 AM11:00 AMLisa Sayo
Cicero High School visit16-Sep-1410:30 AM12:30 PMDouglas McNabb
Charter Oak High School Private Visit16-Sep-1410:30 AM11:15 AMMargarita David
Parish Episcopal School Private Visit16-Sep-1410:30 AM11:00 AMChristine Perrault
Chamblee High School Private Visit16-Sep-1410:30 AM11:30 AMIlana Ciccone
Anglo Chinese International School fair16-Sep-1411:00 AM12:00 PMKristy Allan
TYWLS Queens Private Visit16-Sep-1411:00 AM12:00 PMKerri Darcy
Pascack Hills Private visit16-Sep-1411:01 AM12:01 PMStacey Davey
Bernards HS Private Visit16-Sep-1411:30 AM12:15 PMGloria Carrasco
Pomona Catholic High School Private Visit16-Sep-1412:00 PM12:45 PMMargarita David
Armijo High school16-Sep-1412:12 PM12:42 PMKristen Chartier
Northport HS Private Visit16-Sep-1412:30 PM1:30 PMLisa Sayo
St. Joseph's Institution International fair16-Sep-141:00 PM1:30 PMKristy Allan
North Hills Preparatory High School Private Visit16-Sep-141:10 PM1:40 PMChristine Perrault
Justin Sienna Catholic HS16-Sep-142:00 PM2:40 PMKristen Chartier
McIntosh High School Private Visit16-Sep-142:45 PM3:45 PMIlana Ciccone
Notre Dame High School College Fair16-Sep-145:00 PM8:00 PMMargarita David
Garland College Fair16-Sep-146:00 PM8:00 PMChristine Perrault
Georgia Probe College Fair Douglas County16-Sep-146:00 PM9:00 PMIlana Ciccone
St. Francis Prep college fair16-Sep-146:00 PM9:00 PMKerri Darcy
Huntington HS Private Visit17-Sep-148:00 AM9:00 AMLisa Sayo
Mattituck HS Private Viist17-Sep-148:00 AM9:00 AMLisa Sayo
Liverpool High School Visit17-Sep-148:15 AM9:00 AMDouglas McNabb
Charles County College Fair17-Sep-149:00 AM8:00 PMMichelle Lynn
Somerville HS Private Visit17-Sep-149:00 AM10:00 AMGloria Carrasco
Bishop Dunne College Fair17-Sep-149:30 AM11:30 AMChristine Perrault
Mount Kiara International School fair17-Sep-149:30 AM10:30 AMKristy Allan
Sout Pasedena High Schol Private Visit17-Sep-149:30 AM10:15 AMMargarita David
Half Hollow Hills West HS Private Visit17-Sep-149:30 AM10:00 AMLisa Sayo
Valencia Community College West Campus17-Sep-1410:00 AM2:00 PMAmber Speed
Queensborough Community College17-Sep-1410:00 AM2:00 PMGina Kilian
Valley Christian HS17-Sep-1410:30 AM11:15 AMKristen Chartier
Harborfields HS Private Visit17-Sep-1411:00 AM12:00 PMLisa Sayo
Taylors College fair17-Sep-1411:15 AM12:15 PMKristy Allan
Gunderson HS Private Visit17-Sep-1412:15 PM1:00 PMKristen Chartier
Sunway College fair17-Sep-1412:30 PM2:00 PMKristy Allan
Evergreen HS17-Sep-141:00 PM2:00 PMKristen Chartier
La Salle High School Private Visit17-Sep-141:30 PM2:15 PMMargarita David
Hillsborough HS Private Visit17-Sep-141:35 PM2:25 PMGloria Carrasco
Andrew P. hill17-Sep-142:00 PM3:00 PMKristen Chartier
Inti Subang17-Sep-142:30 PM3:30 PMKristy Allan
Arcadia High School Private Visit17-Sep-142:45 PM3:15 PMMargarita David
Dallas ISD College Fair17-Sep-145:30 PM7:30 PMChristine Perrault
Kuala Lumpur Exhibition17-Sep-146:00 PM9:30 PMKristy Allan
East Side HS college fair17-Sep-146:00 PM8:00 PMKristen Chartier
Arabia Mountain High School Private Visit17-Sep-146:00 PM8:30 PMIlana Ciccone
William S. Hart Union High School District College Fair17-Sep-146:30 PM9:00 PMMargarita David
Adrian Wilcox High school18-Sep-1412:00 AM12:00 AMKristen Chartier
School for the Talented and Gifted Private Visit18-Sep-148:00 AM8:30 AMChristine Perrault
Loyola HIgh School Private Visit18-Sep-148:15 AM9:00 AMMargarita David
Hampton Bays HS Private Visit18-Sep-148:30 AM9:00 AMLisa Sayo
Canisius Hs Buffalo Vist18-Sep-149:00 AM10:00 AMDouglas McNabb
Southampton HS Private Visit18-Sep-149:30 AM10:00 AMLisa Sayo
Marietta High School Private Visit18-Sep-149:30 AM11:00 AMIlana Ciccone
High School of Health Professions Private Visit18-Sep-149:30 AM10:00 AMChristine Perrault
Business Townview Magnet Private Visit18-Sep-149:30 AM10:00 AMChristine Perrault
School of Education and Social Services at Townview PV18-Sep-149:30 AM10:30 AMChristine Perrault
Montessori Academy College Fair18-Sep-1410:00 AM12:00 PMGina Kilian
HELP Intstitute fair18-Sep-1410:00 AM10:45 AMKristy Allan
Seminole Community College18-Sep-1410:00 AM2:00 PMAmber Speed
Our Lady of Good Counsel18-Sep-1410:25 AM11:15 AMMichelle Lynn
Nichols School Visit18-Sep-1410:30 AM11:15 AMDouglas McNabb
West Morris Central HS18-Sep-1410:45 AM11:45 PMGloria Carrasco
Immaculate Heart High School Private Visit18-Sep-1410:55 AM11:30 AMMargarita David
Bridgehampton HS Private Visit18-Sep-1411:00 AM11:30 AMLisa Sayo
Mount Vernon Presbyterian School Private Visit18-Sep-1411:00 AM12:00 PMIlana Ciccone
Judge Barefoot Sanders HS Private Visit18-Sep-1411:00 AM11:30 AMChristine Perrault
James Hubert Blake18-Sep-1412:00 PM12:45 PMMichelle Lynn
Cathedral High School Private Visit18-Sep-1412:00 PM12:45 PMMargarita David
East Hampton HS Private Visit18-Sep-1412:00 PM1:00 PMLisa Sayo
Rye Neck High School Visit18-Sep-1412:30 PM1:30 PMGina Kilian
Montville HS18-Sep-1412:45 PM2:00 PMGloria Carrasco
Santa Clara HS18-Sep-141:15 PM2:00 PMKristen Chartier
Summit International Private Visit18-Sep-141:45 PM2:30 PMChristine Perrault
Fremont Union HS College fair18-Sep-146:00 PM8:00 PMKristen Chartier
Morris Catholic HS18-Sep-146:00 PM8:00 PMGloria Carrasco
Thomas Edison College Fair18-Sep-146:00 PM8:00 PMKerri Darcy
Georgia Probe College Fair in Fayette County18-Sep-146:30 PM8:30 PMIlana Ciccone
Arlington ISD College Fair18-Sep-147:00 PM9:00 PMChristine Perrault
Corcordian International School Fair19-Sep-1412:00 AM12:00 AMKristy Allan
Deer Park HS Private Visit19-Sep-147:20 AM8:00 AMLisa Sayo
Mount St Mary Academy Visit19-Sep-148:15 AM9:00 AMDouglas McNabb
Paint Branch High School19-Sep-148:30 AM9:15 AMMichelle Lynn
Ekamai International School Fair19-Sep-149:00 AM10:00 AMKristy Allan
Georgia Probe College Fair in Dalton Georgia19-Sep-149:00 AM1:00 PMIlana Ciccone
Carondelet High School19-Sep-149:00 AM9:45 AMKristen Chartier
Bayshore High School Private Visit19-Sep-149:00 AM10:00 AMLisa Sayo
Briarcliff High School Visit19-Sep-149:30 AM10:00 AMGina Kilian
Springbrook High School19-Sep-149:45 AM10:30 AMMichelle Lynn
Amherst Central High School Visit19-Sep-1410:00 AM11:00 AMDouglas McNabb
North Babylon HS Private Visit19-Sep-1410:00 AM10:30 AMLisa Sayo
Deer Valley HS19-Sep-1410:42 AM11:25 AMKristen Chartier
ASB Bangna Fair19-Sep-1410:45 AM11:45 AMKristy Allan
Freedom High school19-Sep-1411:45 AM12:30 PMKristen Chartier
Lassister Early College Private Visit19-Sep-1412:00 PM12:30 PMChristine Perrault
International Community School Fair19-Sep-1412:15 PM1:15 PMKristy Allan
Murrieta Valley High School Private Visit19-Sep-1412:15 PM1:00 PMMargarita David
Heritage HS19-Sep-141:00 PM1:45 PMKristen Chartier
Orchard Park Senior Hs Visit19-Sep-141:00 PM1:45 PMDouglas McNabb