Counselor Directory

Get to know our Admission team by clicking on the individuals below. Check out the counselors' travel schedules to see where you can meet a St. John’s representative near you.

We are dedicated to providing excellent service to prospective college students, their parents, guidance counselors, and those we meet while traveling at college fairs and high schools spanning the globe. Look for a SJU counselor visiting near you.

Undergraduate Admission Counselors
Kristy Allan
International Admissions Counselor
Christian Andrade
Associate Director of International Admissions
Amy Arcario
Assistant Director of International Admissions
Stephanie Carrasco
Northern New Jersey, Puerto Rico, Ohio, North Carolina
Kristen Chartier
West Brooklyn, Central/Southern/Western NJ, Southern California
Juantiesha Christian
Transfer: New Jersey and Adult & Veteran Students
Ilana Ciccone
Georgia, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine
Kerri Darcy
Florida, New York: Queens County
Margarita David
New York: Nassau County
Amy Lisa
Gina Kilian
Transfer: All excluding NJ
Amy Lisa
Nassau County
Christine Perrault
Texas, Hawaii and Rockland County, NY
Michelle Lynn
Mid- Atlantic Region
(MD, VA, DE, DC)
Douglas McNabb
Manhattan, Bronx, Upstate NY, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin
Jonathan Weiss
Queens, Westchester, Southern California, Colorado, Washington
Samantha Wright
David Pierre
Florida, Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania
Lisa Sayo
New York: Suffolk County, Southeast Brooklyn, Northeast Brooklyn
Samantha Wright
Staten Island, Northwest New Jersey