External Scholarships

The Office of Student Financial Services receives information on a variety of external scholarship opportunities for students. We seek to make students aware of these opportunities by providing the information below and by regularly posting scholarship opportunities. Students should be mindful of qualifications and deadlines.

It is important to note that a link to a Web site does not constitute an endorsement by St. John’s University of the sponsors or products on that site. The information is simply being provided as a resource for students and their families.  Please visit our main scholarship site for information on University academic scholarships.

Qualification / ScholarshipDeadline
Accounting, Analytics, Business Management, Finance, Information Systems, or Marketing majors
 Izenda Embedded BI & Analytics ScholarshipMarch 31, 2016
 National Founder's Undergraduate Business Student ScholarshipDecember 11, 2015
 OADP Accounting Degree ScholarshipNovember 30, 2015
Medical Condition or Accident Survivor 
 Brother James Kearney Scholarship for the BlindInquire
 The John Foy & Associates Strong Arm Leukemia ScholarshipDecember 15, 2015
 Zehl & Associates Accident Survivor ScholarshipMay 30, 2016
 1Dental ScholarshipDecember 21, 2015
 A Better America Scholarship ProgramDecember 31, 2015
 AfterCollege ScholarshipsVarious
 Annual Truckcrashlawgroup.com ScholarshipDecember 31, 2015
 Apartment List ScholarshipDecember 1, 2015
 Arkady Bukh ScholarshipJanuary 15, 2016
 BloomsyBox ScholarshipDecember 10, 2015
 Bruning Legal ScholarshipDecember 1, 2015
 Buford & Gonzales ScholarshipMay 31, 2016
 Caring.com Student-Caregiver ScholarshipDecember 31, 2015
 Cliffside Malibu ScholarshipOngoing
 Dickson Law Group ScholarshipMay 15, 2016
 The Foley Law Firm AwardDecember 1, 2015
 IGS 2015 Clark ScholarshipDecember 15, 2015
 The Infoparrot Scholarship of Academic ExcellenceDecember 31, 2015
 Lance Surety College ScholarshipDecember 15, 2015
 Medals of America ScholarshipOngoing
 Mesothelioma Social Media ScholarshipDecember 31, 2015
 NEFCU ScholarshipsVarious
 Peter Pasula Study Habits ScholarshipVarious
 SeniorAdvisor.com Future of Assisted Living ScholarshipDecember 31, 2015
 Shopventory Entrepreneural ScholarshipDecember 31, 2015
 Sterling Law Offices, S.C. ScholarshipDecember 31, 2015
June 30, 2016
 The Steven M. Sweat Annual College ScholarshipDecember 1, 2015
 TypologyCentral Personality Type ScholarshipJune 3, 2016
 Varsity Tutors Monthly College ScholarshipMonthly
 The Company Corporation's Quarterly Business Plan ContestOngoing
Graduate Students
 National Founder's Graduate Business Student ScholarshipDecember 11, 2015
 Student ScholarshipsVarious
Italian-American Ancestry
 Columbus Citizens Foundation ScholarshipVarious
Law Enforcement Family Members 
 Law Enforcement Family Member ScholarshipAugust 31, 2015
Law Students 
 LSAT Prep Course ScholarshipApril 30, 2016
 Zehl & Associates Accident Survivor ScholarshipMay 30, 2016
Minority Students 
 Medical Library Association Scholarship for Minority StudentsDecember 1, 2015
Online Graduate Students 
 OMP Scholarship DirectoryVarious
STEM Majors 
 Zenefit Advancing Women in STEM ScholarshipDecember 31, 2015
 Ferrer, Poirot and Wansbrough Scholarship for Military VeteransVarious
 Veterans United Scholarship ProgramVarious
 Affordable Colleges Online Scholarships for WomenVarious
 Alberta E. Crowe Star of Tomorrow ScholarshipDecember 31, 2015