School Psychology, M.A. - Queens Data

Admission Data
Applicants Accepted for Admission
Time to Completion
Summary of Time to Completion
Program Costs
Summary of Attrition
PRAXIS II Examination
State Certification/Licensure Data (2004-2007)

Admission Data

Academic Year2005200620072008200920102011
Number of Applicants35494737505252
Number Interviewed--12*198040
Number Offered Admission21312117243131
Actual Size of Incoming Class1371815131313

* Interviews for MS applicants began in 2007.

Applicants Accepted for Admission

AcademicYear 2005200620072008200920102011
GRE - Psychology(Average)545513551529572591NA
Average Undergraduate GPA 3.223.383.473.353.323.393.3

Time to Completion

Graduation Outcomes2005*2006*2007*2008*
Number of Students Completing Program/Number of Students Entering the Program that Year**10/114/413/1812/15
Number of Graduates who took 3 Years to Complete Degree7 (63.5%)2 (50%)13 (72%)12
Number of Graduates who took >3 Years to Complete Degree3 (27.3%)2 (50%)1 (5%) 

*The year the students entered the program.
** Not including the students that transferred into the PsyD or Oakdale MS programs, and the students that failed to complete the program. Does include any students transferring from the Oakdale MS program to the Queens MS program.

Summary of Time to Completion

 Total Graduates*Cumulative
3 Years63 (82%)63 (82%)
>3 Years10 (17%)48 (17%)

* Total Number of Graduates = 73

Program Costs*

Full Time Student Tuition$12,240
Tuition per Credit$1,020

*per semester for the 2009/2010 academic year


Internship Year of Entry20072008200920102011
Number of Students who Applied for Internship8517166
Obtained Internships8517166


Academic Year2005200620072008200920102011
Size of Incoming Class1371815131313
Number of Students Transferring into the PsyD program133N/AN/AN/AN/A
Number of Students Transferring to the Oakdale MS Program-----00
Number of Students who Failed to Complete the Program11--- 1
Number of Students who Transferred from the Oakdale MS Program-1--- 0
Size of Graduating Class1141515131315

Summary of Attrition (2001-2010)

Number of Students Matriculated 2001-2010143
Total Number of Students who Transferred into the PsyD or Oakdale MS Program24
Total Number of Students who Transferred from the Oakdale MS Program1
Total Number of Students who Failed to Complete the Program6
Attrition Percentage5.3%

PRAXIS II Examination

Number of Students Taking the Exam17
Praxis II Compentency Domain (max score)Averages
Data-Based Decision Making (41)41
Research-Based Academic Practices (15)15
Research-Based Behavioral and Mental Health Practices (19)19
Consultation and Collaboration (14)14
Applied Psychological Foundation (17)17
Ethical/Legal and Professional Foundations (13)13
Total Score170.09
Percentage Passing the Exam with a score of at least (165)100%

State Certification/Licensure Data (2004-2007)

Total Number of GraduatesGraduates Obtaining State Certification/Licensure as a School PsychologistPercentage Obtaining State Certification/ Licensure as a School Psychologist