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Italian/Business Administration, Bachelor of Arts/Master of Business Administration

150 Credits
St. John's College of Liberal Arts and SciencesThe Peter J. Tobin College of Business
Queens Campus


The combined baccalaureate and master’s program in Italian and Business Administration is designed to provide highly-motivated students with the opportunity to complete their undergraduate and graduate degrees in five years of full-time study.

Students in the combined degree program may enroll in four or more approved graduate courses while still working toward their undergraduate degrees. These graduate courses count toward both the undergraduate and eventual graduate degrees, and incur no additional charges to the student while he or she is still matriculated as an undergraduate.

By completing undergraduate requirements during the first four years, students are assured of the bachelor’s degree if for any reason they decide not to complete the master’s degree. Graduate level courses that are applied to the baccalaureate degree as part of the major may not be applied to a graduate degree should the student decide not to complete the combined degree program.

Department Contact
Zoe Petropoulou, Ph.D., Languages and Literature Chair
St. John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
St. John Hall 434D


Please see the requirement chart for the academic progression criteria in this dual degree program.

Students should apply for admission to the combined BA/MBA program during the second semester of their sophomore years, in consultation with their advisors and the respective undergraduate and graduate deans. Ideal candidates for the program demonstrate the ability to meet the same entrance requirements as for all Peter J. Tobin College of Business graduate programs:

  • an overall B (3.0) average in their undergraduate courses
  • a B (3.0) average in the business core courses, and
  • a satisfactory GMAT score.

Students must also have a minimum 3.5 GPA in at least four undergraduate courses in Italian and  are expected to maintain grades commensurate with the requirements for entry into this combined degree program while matriculated.

Admissions Contact
Office of Graduate Admissions
The Peter J. Tobin College of Business
8000 Utopia Parkway
Bent Hall, Room 111C
Queens, NY 11439


Success Story

Although we probably don’t know it, most of us are connected to Margaret Keane ‘81C, ‘87MBA through the plastic in our wallets.