Asian Studies / East Asian Studies, Bachelor of Arts / Master of Arts

147 Credits
St. John's College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Queens Campus


Designed to provide students with the opportunity to complete their undergraduate and graduate degrees at St. John’s University within five years. Students who meet the selection criteria for acceptance into the combined degree program after their junior year can apply that summer. They must demonstrate their ability to meet the same entrance requirements as for all Tobin College of Business graduate programs:

  1. an overall B (3.0) average in their undergraduate courses,
  2. a B (3.0) average in the business core courses, and
  3. a satisfactory GMAT score.

They will be able to take up to seven (7) graduate courses in the senior year that can be applied to both the bachelor’s degree, which they would receive at the end of the fourth year, and the master’s degree, which would be conferred at the completion of the program in the fifth year.


Dr. Bernadette Li, Director
Institute for Asian Studies

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Qualified students who have completed 45 credits as an undergraduate with a general index of 3.0 and a major average of 3.3 are encouraged to enter this intensive accelerated five-year program leading to two degrees.  Under this program, students matriculate for 147 undergraduate/graduate credits. Students are expected to maintain grades commensurate with the requirements for entry into this combined degree program.

Students accepted in a combined degree program are given the opportunity to complete both their baccalaureate and master’s degrees in five years of full-time study by enrolling in four or more approved graduate courses while still an undergraduate student. These graduate courses count both toward the undergraduate and eventual graduate degrees, and incur no additional charges to the student while still matriculated as an undergraduate.

By completing undergraduate requirements during the first four years, students are assured of the bachelor’s degree if for any reason they decide not to complete the master’s degree. Graduate-level courses applied to the baccalaureate degree as part of the major may not be applied to a graduate degree later on should the student decide not to complete the combined degree program.

Admissions Contact

Carol J. Swanberg
Assistant Dean and Director of Graduate Admissions
Tobin College of Business
Bent Hall
Queens Campus

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Additional Information

A limited number of graduate assistantships are available to full-time students on the basis of academic achievement and/or foreign language proficiency. In addition to holding research responsibilities, assistants are instrumental in assisting faculty in their teaching and research interests.

The Institute also awards five kinds of scholarships annually or per semester to the students at the Institute:

  • Dr. and Madame H. K'ung Scholarship
  • Ta-lin and Han-lee Award
  • Ju Nan Wu Scholarship
  • Dr. Tingfu and Mrs. Nadline F. Tsiang Scholarship
  • Pearl Tsai, Alfred Tsai and David Choy Scholarship

Contact the Director of the Institute for more information:

Dr. Abraham Ho
Institute of Asian Studies
Office: Sun Yat-Sen Hall, Room 37B
Telephone: 718-990-6582
Fax: 718-990-1881

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