Postgraduate Professional Development Programs

The Office of Postgraduate Professional Development Programs dedicated to:

  • Providing state-of-the art training opportunities for professionals in the community interested in continuing professional development trainings
  • Providing specialized certificate training programs on specific areas of professional practice

The Office of Professional Development Programs is approved by the APA to offer continuing education programs for psychologists and by New York State Education Department to provide training in Child Abuse Mandating Reporting and School Violence Training Workshops.


Aware of its role as a leading educational institution and aware of its responsibility to the community that it serves, particularly the professional community, the Office of Professional Development Programs was created and organized with the specific mission to develop training opportunities for our alumni and other professionals in the community at large interested in pursing additional training to enhance their professional standing.

Part of the mission of this Office to encourage and promote in the professional community better and more up-date understanding of the most critical issues affecting patient population likely to be treated by these professionals. It is expected to be a dynamic and interdisciplinary structure that seeks to attract scholars and accomplished practitioners to engage them in discussions and dialogues as part of our Continuing Education Initiatives, Conference Initiatives and the forum created around the Adoption Initiative.

Contact Information

Rafael Art. Javier, Ph.D., ABPP
Director, Postgraduate Professional Development Programs

Patricia Pitta, Ph.D., ABPP
Coordinator of Continuing Education Offerings

B.J. Cling, Ph.D., JD
Coordinator of the Postgraduate Certificate in Forensic Science/Psychology