Beginning in the Fall 2013 semester, students entering the program will be required to complete an e-portfolio. The electronic portfolio includes an introduction, resume, vision statement, and work samples (with brief explanation) that document proficiency in the program's eight competencies:

  • Develop and Understanding of the Foundations of the Profession;
  • Develop and Understanding of Information Resources;
  • Demonstrate Ability to Organize Recorded Knowledge and Information;
  • Apply Technological Knowledge and Skills to Practice;
  • Apply Reference and User Services;
  • Master Research Methods;
  • Experience Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning; and,
  • Apply Key Concepts of Administration and Management.

Refer to the DLIS Goals and Objectives for a complete overview of the program competencies and the core courses that apply to each competency.

The portfolio is submitted for evaluation prior to the student's graduation (approximate dates for submission: April 15 or November 15).

The immediate audience for the portfolio is faculty in the Division of Library and Information Science. Students will use Digication to create their electronic portfolios. From the start of the program, students should collect work samples (or artifacts) to save in their portfolio. By the time students near the end of the program, their portfolio will contain a variety of work samples (or artifacts). Students will select examples corresponding to each of the eight competencies outlined above to highlight his/her best work.