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Child HELP Partnership

The Child HELP Partnership at St. John's University was founded in 2001 with the mission of protecting children from interpersonal violence and its emotional impact. We use best practices in mental health and education to empower children, caregivers, and individuals serving them.

We are dedicated to:

Healing children after trauma by providing evidence-based therapies free-of-charge,
Empowering the multicultural communities by adapting these services for them,
Enhancing Learning of professionals across the country by training  them in these evidence-informed approaches, and
Preventing abuse and injury by offering evidence-informed prevention programs.

Program evaluation is integrated into the Child HELP Partnership to ensure that the quality of our services is constantly improving. It also provides knowledge about "best practices" that is disseminated to local and national audiences.

Our Holistic Approach

 We work to HELP children by carrying out the following four initiatives:

    Healing children after trauma using leading-edge, evidence-based therapies
    Empowering multicultural communities through adaptation of services
    Learning Center for professionals
    Public health programs and evidence-informed prevention programs for the public

Our partnerships are with children with trauma histories and their families, the community as a whole, colleagues in the mental health field, and caregivers, parents, and others who interact with children regularly. All of our services are adapted to be language accessible and culturally sensitive.

We aim tocreatively and sensitively integrate scientific findings and real world practice. What we learn is disseminated throughout Queens, New York State, and beyond.

Our background
The Child HELP Partnership is a unique multi-disciplinary clinical-research program based in the Department of Psychology at St. John’s University. We are dedicated to the underserved children and families in the surrounding multicultural communities. Our work is reflective of the Vincentian mission of St. John’s University which is focused on serving the underserved experiencing hardship in the community. Consequently, the support we get from the University covers our overhead and means all dollars raised go directly to serving children and families who have experienced severe trauma Treatments and services are service are offered to the community through the PARTNERS Clinic.

Like St. Vincent de Paul, who saw the hardship in his community and devoted his life to its elimination, our mission is to bring relief to children, families and communities who have been through emotional stress and trauma.  

“PARTNERS felt like a second home to my family... ¡Gracias por existir PARTNERS!  Quedémonos socios para combatir el silencio del abuso de nuestras comunidades.(‘Thank you for existing PARTNERS! Let’s remain partners to combat the silence of abuse in our communities together’.)”
—Mother of PARTNERS Clinic client

Child HELP Partnership
St. John's University Center for Psychological Services, Seton Complex
152-11 Union Turnpike
Flushing, NY 11367
Tel: (718) 990-2367
Fax: (718) 990-1586

Para más información, por favor contacte la Coordinadora del Programa de PARTNERS al Tel: (718) 990-5479 (Español) o al