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About St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


St. John’s College fulfills the commitment to academic excellence expressed in the University’s Mission Statement, and the Catholic, Vincentian, and metropolitan character of a St. John’s education, in three principal ways. First, the college provides a university-wide core curriculum in the liberal arts and sciences which serves as a foundation for a distinct and unified undergraduate education. Required courses in theology and philosophy play a pivotal role in creating the integral vision of Catholic and Vincentian education that stands at the center of the St. John’s University experience. The acquisition of critical thinking evidenced in articulate verbal and written skills is expected of every student in all courses of study offered by the college. St. John’s College emphasizes student learning as an active rather than a passive process. The college offers a holistic education with special attention given to compassionate concern for others, to cultural diversity, and to the challenges of an interdependent world. Second, St. John’s College offers undergraduate majors in many basic liberal arts and sciences disciplines. The   majors challenge students with broad academic underpinnings that have developed through the centuries, and they challenge students to make current application of this knowledge. Students also acquire the appropriate theoretical perspectives and research competencies for advanced study in their chosen discipline. Third, St. John’s College offers graduate programs at both the masters and doctoral levels in select arts and sciences disciplines. Through these programs, St. John’s College offers quality education for the leaders of tomorrow, especially the academic leaders. Where appropriate, the graduate programs of the college meet the standards of their respective accreditation agencies.

St. Johns Vision Statement

St. John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is committed to student-centered teaching, social diversity, and a modern educational environment. Grounded in rich and challenging curricula, innovative technological educational resources, and community service, we seek to develop in our students a critical consciousness and ethical perspective that will prepare them for service and leadership roles in the local, national, and international spheres. In both our graduate and undergraduate programs, we seek the highest standards of scholarly inquiry and creative expression. Through their research, our faculty will contribute to the creation, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge. St. John's College will continue to serve the university with broad graduate and undergraduate offerings in the arts and sciences that reflect industry, market, and employer needs as well as the global perspectives of our continuously changing world.


As an undergraduate or graduate student at St. John’s, you will have access to the extensive resources of both the University and New York City – plus a faculty comprised of recognized researchers and authors who typically hold the highest degrees in their fields. Numerous special degree programs and internship offerings are also available, as well as a rigorous honors program for qualified students.

Student Support

Freshman entering the college are advised by representatives from the University Freshman Center who place special attention on successful adjustment to college life as well as to important academic choices.  Beginning in the second year students are advised by the College office and by faculty advisors in major departments.  Advisors are a source of direction in terms of specific degree requirements, appropriate use of electives, career goals and special academic opportunities.  Undecided majors are advised by the Deans office staff and are encouraged to try out likely areas of interest.  All students must select a major area by the beginning of junior year.