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St. John's University is an exciting place for freshmen to explore and grow, as well as a place for them to begin working towards their professional goals. S.T.A.R., Students Teaching Academic Responsibilities will help us achieve this. By providing incoming freshmen with peer buddies, we are making the transition into The School of Education seem more exciting and less intimidating. S.T.A.R. will familiarize students with various resources available to them and help them with any concerns they have during their first year as a college student. The School of Education upperclassman buddies will be available to discuss courses, educational concerns, personal issues and any other issues that may arise. The School of Education will work to make this experience fun for the freshmen and their buddies by offering social, academic and service activities on campus. We will strive to create a productive and effective learning environment to help all of our students interact effectively with The School of Education and the St. John's University community.

S.T.A.R. is well on its way to being a successful organization and we encourage everyone to participate and get on board. Helping others is rewarding and what better a way to do it than with someone with the same major, minor and concentration as yourself.

Questions are always welcome!