Improvement and Literacy Growth

Both comprehensive diagnostic evaluations need to be completed prior to acceptance into the Center's reading and writing development program. This portion of the
program is conducted on a one-to-one basis by a clinician who holds a master's degree or higher and is a certified teacher in the State of New York.

Based on the reading, writing and related language arts difficulties noted in the diagnostic report, a program of improvement will be established with the reading
clinician. The clinician addresses the problems indicated in the report and strives to help the student overcome his/her reading and writing difficulties. Instruction
typically focuses around reading comprehension, word recognition, vocabulary development, writing and oral language development. The duration of the corrective program is contingent upon the type and severity of the student's problems with oral or written literacy.

Clinicians arrange sessions, meeting with students on an individual basis, usually one or two hours a week. These sessions are scheduled Monday–Friday (after school and/or Saturday. Progress reports are generally furnished on a quarterly basis or at the end of a contract term.

To schedule an appointment, please contact:
Frances Stathis