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Intensive Teacher Institute (ITI) Bilingual Pupil Personnel, Advanced Certificate

15 Credits
The School of Education
Queens Campus, Oakdale Campus, Online


Intensive Teaching Institute (ITI) in Bilingual Education is funded by New York State Education Department (NYSED) in partnership with St. John’s University, Graduate Programs in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

The New York State Education Department's Intensive Teacher Institute in partnership with the St. John's School of Education TESOL Program, provide partial tuition assistance for certain certified public school teachers or pupil personnel. currently teaching or working with substantial populations of English learners.

Interested certified public school teachers of special education or a pupil personnel areas such as school counseling, who are teaching or counseling ELLs, must first apply for and obtain tuition assistance approval from the NYSED BOCES Office of the Intensive Teacher Institute (ITI) before applying to one of St. John's School of Education ITI Programs.

Note that admission into a St. John's ITI Program does not ensure tuition assistance unless and until NYS BOCES ITI funding approval has been secured in writing by the applicant. Also, note that BOCES ITI approval does not automatically guarantee admission into a School of Education ITI program. Applications to the School of Education require with official transcripts and can be completed online.

Interested New York public school teachers or counselors must first apply for ITI Program tuition assistance through NYS BOCES ITI. Please contact BOCES ITI (noted below) for the tuition-assistance application form and information about eligibility requirements.

Department Faculty

Please see a list of our Education Specialties faculty.


Queens campus
Audrey Murphy
Associate Professor
Sullivan Hall, Room 409

Oakdale campus
Anthony J Annunziato
Associate Professor
La Salle Hall


Please view the School of Education Graduate Admission Application Requirementsfor detailed admission information.


Success Story

Being accepted into the school counseling graduate program at St. John's University has been a life changing experience for me.

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