Institute for Catholic Schools

Our distinguishing quality is that we actually go into the schools AND we continually solicit the needs from principals and superintendents themselves. We meet regularly with the superintendents of our three local dioceses and with the principals, listen to their needs and then create conferences, institutes, meetings, programs, and in-school workshops that meet those specific needs.

To date, those programs include:

St. Vincent de Paul Program

A two-year inservice program for principals, board chairs and board directors in the Diocese of Brooklyn focusing on the roll-out of the new governance structure for its elementary schools. Schools with this new governance model are called "Academies." An annual all-day symposium is planned for the "graduates" as well as current participants in the program. The first two-year cohort, comprised of 12 principals, 10 Board Chairs and 49 directors, "graduated" last May. Presently, Cohort II is made up of three new academies. They completed the first year of the program in May and will begin Year II in September 2012. Cohort III is comprised of 10 new academies who will begin Year I of the program in September 2012.

 Project TIE: Training Innovative Educators

A comprehensive three-year professional development program designed to improve teacher effectiveness and student achievement in ELA and Math from grades Pre-K to eigth grade. The program includes on-site classroom demonstrations, teacher mentoring, teacher focus groups, team-teaching, student-to-University classes, and parent workshops. Since 2002 Project TIE has serviced 27 Catholic Schools, approximately 7090 students and 27 principals. The most recent cohort of TIE schools includes 11 schools in 12 buildings comprising of 2975 students, 145 teachers and 12 principals. 

Curriculum Leadership Teams: CLT's

A year-long initiative that creates and supports Curriculum Teams in elementary schools in the Archdiocese of New York and in the Dioceses of Brooklyn and Rockville Centre. These teams have been prepared to roll out the new Common Core State Initiative. This effort is in pursuit of higher academic standards and includes integrating Catholic identity as part of the daily curriculum.In May 2012 eighty-four principals and teachers were awarded certificates for the successful completion of the full-year program. This Common Core roll-out will reach more than 4000 students. The 2012-2013 cohort will include teams from more than 30 schools.

Management Seminars for Catholic School Leaders 

 This program is a collaborative venture between the Vincentian Center for Church and Society and the Peter J. Tobin College of Business, both at St. John’s University. It provides seminars in the key aspects of running a Catholic school effectively including Catholic Identity and Servant Leadership; mission, vision and values; marketing and development; budgeting; time management; recruitment and retention; and strategic planning.

Secondary School Common Core Program

A one-day, intense, comprehensive overview of the Common Core Initiative prepared for teachers and administrators in our Tri-Diocesan Catholic High Schools. This program is scheduled in such a way that teachers and administrators can attend the whole day or just those parts of the day that are appropriate to them. The program will be offered at multiple sites on a variety of different days so as to accommodate as many educators and as many schedules as possible.