Certification Information

When you apply for NYS Teacher Certification please make sure you follow the "Approved Teacher Preparation Program" pathway. Please select the CODE assigned to your program.

Click here for information about State certification requirements in the United States of America.

The following CODES are for the School of Education students ONLY.

Bachelor of Science-Queens Campus

Program CodesName of Program (Undergraduates Only)
23099Adolescent Education English
23088Adolescent Education Math
23090Adolescent Education Physics
23094Adolescent Education Social Studies
23085Adolescent Education Spanish
30874Adolescent Education Biology
23082Childhood Education 1-6
29566BSED/MSED Childhood & Special Education
23083Childhood Education 1-6 & Special Education

Bachelor of Science-Staten Island Campus

Program CodesName of Program (Undergraduates Only)
23098Adolescent Education English
23089Adolescent Education Math
23095Adolescent Education Social Studies
23081Childhood Education 1-6
23084Childhood Education 1-6 & Special Education
29644BSED/MSED Childhood /Special Education
33987BSED/MSED  Childhood/Literacy B-6
33989BSED/MSED Adolescent/Literacy 5-12

The following CODES are for St. John's College minor students ONLY.

Bachelor of Arts

Program CodesName of Program
23097Adolescent Education English
23087Adolescent Education Math
23093Adolescent Education Social Studies
23100Adolescent Education Spanish
28972Adolescent Education French
28973Adolescent Education Italian

Bachelor of Science

Program CodesName of Program
28970Adolescent Education Chemistry
23091Adolescent Education Physics

New York State Teachers Certification Exams

New York City Department of Education

New York State Education Department

NYS Common Core Learning Standards

New York State Office of Teaching Initiatives (Teach Online Services)*
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New York State Fingerprinting Information

How to Register for NYS Certification

Click here for information about State certification requirements in the United States of America.

Passing examination scores are required for NYS recommendation for Certification.  For information regarding the exams, please click here for more information.

Dignity for All Students Act (DASA)
Training in Harassment, Bullying, Cyberbullying, and Discrimination in Schools: Prevention and Intervention