Risk Management, Masters in Business Administration

36 Credits
The Peter J. Tobin College of Business
Manhattan Campus, Rome Campus


A Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) degree is intended to provide broad business knowledge and prepares students for cross-functional decision making within an organization.

A risk/insurance specialization is earned by successfully completing an introductory course in the Management of Risk (RMI 601) and up to four (but no less than three) other RMI designated 600-level courses (or higher). This specialization allows students to build upon the program’s broad business education by providing an in-depth study of managing risk, or managing the finances of an insurance firm, or product design.

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For admission to graduate degree programs contact:

Office of Graduate Admissions
The Peter. J. Tobin College of Business
(718) 990-1345

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Success Story

Petra Steinorth, Ph.D.,

“So much of our work in insurance is about numbers and profitability, but I always remind my students that the industry is really about helping people manage their risks,” said...