Marketing Management, Masters in Business Administration

36 Credits
The Peter J. Tobin College of Business
Queens Campus, Rome Campus


The objective of the graduate marketing program is to develop professional marketing executives by equipping current and prospective practitioners with a broad, integrated understanding of the role of marketing within a business firm, the economy, society and the world. Emphasis is placed on creating sensitivity to the rapidly changing demands of a marketing manager’s environment. The role of marketing in the strategic interpretation and management of demand has become more crucial to the profitable operation and growth of business firms. A broad offering of courses, covering in depth a substantial range of marketing functions and activities, provides the student with a number of alternatives in this specialization.

The Department of Marketing recommends that students majoring in marketing join the American Marketing Association and subscribe to its professional publications. The curriculum focuses on the role of the marketing executive. This curriculum emphasizes organization, planning, evaluation and control of all aspects of the firm’s marketing activities. The student is exposed to new product development, management of advertising, distribution and sales administration. In addition, the student is expected to become familiar with the assembly of marketing data, analysis and quantitative marketing models. The student, in assuming the role of the marketing manager, is subjected to typical marketing problems that require solutions.

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Global Approach to Education

Complete Your MBA in Rome, Italy

Did you know that you can complete all or part of your MBA degree at St. John's University's Rome, Italy campus? In Rome we offer the same AACSB accredited MBA program as the NY campuses, allowing MBA students the opportunity and the flexibility to study at the different campuses and experience the different cultures of Rome and New York City.

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